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The position of the fielder's body or feet, have absolutely nothing to do with judging whether a ball is fair or foul. The judgment is based solely upon the relationship between the BALL and the LINE at the moment the fielder touches the ball, or at the moment the ball comes to a stop, or on outfield fly balls; the moment it touches the fielder or the ground.

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Q: If a ball is hit between first and home and is in foul territory but is touched by a player standing in fair territory before the ball hits the ground is it fair or fowl ball?
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If a ball hits the rubber on the mound on the fly is it a fair or dead ball?

Since the pitcher's plate, or rubber, is in fair territory, it is a fair ground ball. However, if the ball subsequently goes into foul territory inside 1st or 3rd base before being touched by a player or umpire and comes to rest in foul territory, or is touched while in foul territory, it is a foul ball.

If a batted ball hits the pitchers mound and goes into foul territory is it fair?

If a batted ball hits the mound and then makes it into foul territory before going past 3rd or 1st base and without being touched and without stopping then it would be a foul. If it goes into foul territory after passing 1st or 3rd base, then it is fair. Likewise, if the ball stops moving or is touched by a fielder in fair territory, it is also a fair ball and in play. The key is where the ball stops moving. If the ball stops in fair territory (without having been touched in foul territory), it is a fair ball. If the ball stops in foul territory (without having been touched in fair territory or advancing beyond 1st or 3rd base), it it a foul ball, regardless of the route it took to get there.

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If a ball lands in foul territory but bounces inside the baseline before first or third base is it fair?

Yes, it depends where the ball is first touched by the fielder.

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How ois a foul ball determined?

The batted ball must first either land in fair territory, be touched while in fair territory, or go over the outfield fence in fair territory to be determined a fair ball. Any ball that is fair before the 1st or 3rd base bag and goes foul without being touched is a foul ball, however, a ball that goes past 1st or 3rd and is fair can then go into foul territory and still remain a fair ball

If a batter hits a ball in the air and it drops inside line before it reaches first base and is caught on the hop in foul territory is this fair or foul ball?

The ball is fair.If it bounces fair and the player catches it then steps in foul territory,it's fair because he touched the baseball before it went foul.

Old mlb rules hitting runner with ball?

If a runner is touched by a fair ball in fair territory before the ball has touched or passed an infielder, the runner is out. The ball is dead and no runner may score. And no runner can advance, except runners forced to advance. [Rule 7.08(f)]

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Is runner out or safe if a batted ball hits him while on base?

The base runner is out regardless if he/she is touching a base or not, assuming he is hit in fair territory.The only exceptions are:Runner is standing on the base and is hit by an "infield fly"Ball got by a fielder (other than the pitcher) attempting to field the ballBall touched a fielderThis is all stated clearly in rule 7.08 (f):[Any runner is out when --] He is touched by a fair ball in fair territory before the ball has touched or passed an infielder. The ball is dead and no runner may score, nor runners advance, except runners forced to advance. EXCEPTION: If a runner is touching his base when touched by an Infield Fly, he is not out, although the batter is out;

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