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Once the ball is past first or third base, the ONLY consideration is where the BALL is located -- fair or foul -- when it FIRST comes in contact with either the ground or a player. If the player is almost entirely in fair territory when he first grabs the ball, but the glove that touches the ball is in foul territory, then it's a foul ball. "If the ball touches a fielder in-flight, the judgment is made at where the ball was when it was touched, NOT from where it may land after a miss, or drop of the ball, by a fielder. The position of the fielder is irrelevant."

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It is considered a foul out. The ball determines wether it is fair or foul.

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Q: Is the ball fair or foul if it is a line drive and you are in fair territory but reach in foul territory to catch it and touch the ball?
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