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your thy and arms

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Q: What muscles are used for digging in volleyball?
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Where are in muscles used in volleyball located?


What major Muscles are used in volleyball?

forearms biceps

Muscles used in a volleyball dig?

butt muscle

Do mussels have muscles?

Bivalves (which include the Mussel family) do have muscles. The muscles are in the creature's 'foot', which is typically used for digging.

What muscles are used to spike a volleyball and how are they used?

your legs because you have to jump high enough

Are you supposed to keep your arms straight when digging in volleyball?


What are the dominant muscles used when playing volleyball?

mainly leg muscules....some arm

What lower body muscles are used for playing volleyball basketball tennis golf soccer and swimming?

For all these sports the muscles of the legs are needed.

What are the four basic skils in volleyball?

Serving Digging / receiving Setting Spiking

What are the health benefits of volleyball?

Playing volleyball can benefit health. It increases heart rate and respiration, and also keeps the body moving. Muscles in the arms, legs, and core are used.

Which muscles are mainly used in force summation when prefroming the set shot in volleyball?

your fingers do most of the work when doing a set

Do you wear shin pads in volleyball?

No, you can wear knee pads that go on your knees to help with digging.