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Serving Digging / receiving Setting Spiking

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Q: What are the four basic skils in volleyball?
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What are the basic scales of the game volleyball?

the basic scals in playing volleyball is scoring,rotation,basic violations,the court

What is the basic skill in volleyball called?


Where is the 2011 NCAA Volleyball Final Four?

2011 Womens Volleyball Final Four -- San Antonio, Texas

What is the basic kind of serve in putting the ball in play in volleyball?

simple serve

Basic Rules and Regulations in Volleyball?

don't go past the surving line.

Four important moves in volleyball?

set, serve, spike, pass

What is Anna connellys birthday?

Ana Paula Rodrigues Connelly, a beach volleyball player, was born on February 13th, 1972. She has been in the Olympics four times on volleyball and beach volleyball teams.

What bodyparts are used in volleyball?

By using your hands,head. fingers and your four arms

What are the four main positions in volleyball?

There is only three. Setter, Middle and Power

Why is Dion awesome?

b\c he has mad skils and is awesomely awesome

What are the four basic types of blood?

The four basic blood types are A, B, AB, and O.

Who are the four athletes in volleyball?

Setter, left hitter, right hitter, and librero I think