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Q: What is the record for most strikeouts in one month for a major league baseball pitching staff?
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What team pitching staff had the most strikeouts in a season?

The 2003 Chicagoe Cubs pitching staff had 1,404 strikeouts for the Major League record.

What pitcher has the most strikeouts in magor league baseball?

Nolan Ryan holds the career record with 5,714 strikeouts.

Who hols the record for the most strikeouts in major league baseball?

Nolan Ryan

What is the Major League Baseball record for consecutive strikeouts without giving up a walk?


Who had the most strike outs?

Nolan Ryan with 5714. he had 300 strikeouts 6 times and almost 400 strikeouts. Nolan Ryan played a 28 year career.He led the American league in strikeouts 10 times.He has a record pitching a no hitter at 43 and 44 with 7 no hitters that's a record.

What is has the most strikeouts in Major League Baseball?

actually Charles radbourn had 441 strikeouts but they still don't count that season there for nolan Ryan holds the record with 383 strikeouts

What major league hitter has single season record for strikeouts?

Adam Dunn

Best record in baseball?

Nolan Ryan's 5714 strikeouts.

Which team has the record for pitching the most strikeouts in one season?

Matt Kilroy holds the record for most strikeouts by a pitcher in a single season with 513 in 1886. Nolan Ryan holds the modern day record with 383 in 1973.

What is the record for most consecutive games with a strikeout for a batter in the American League?

36 strikeouts for the American League player Joe Abnois

Which pitcher holds the all time Cardinal record and major league record at the time for recording the most strikeouts in a game?

Bob gibson

Who holds the record for most career strikeouts for the Detroit Tigers?

As of September, 2008: Pitching: Mickey Lolich - 2,679 Batting: Lou Whitaker - 1,099