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If the batter hits the ball and their foot was out of the box at contact then the ball is immediately dead and the batter is out.

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Q: What is the penalty for the player if they step outside the batting box in softball?
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What is the penalty for the player if they step outside the batting box?

they're called out.

When a player touches the ball outside of their penalty box?

if its the goalie its a hand ball. then i think its box penalty kick. but if its a player same thing.

When a player touches the ball outside of the penalty box in soccer?

Deliberate handling outside of the penalty area by a player results in a direct free kick for the opponents. It could also be misconduct, depending on the circumstances.

What is the primary energy system-required when a softball player hits a home run?

creatine phosphate energy system is what softball players use for homeruns and batting...

What is the position flex in softball?

It is the 10th spot in the batting order of a player that only plays defense but does not bat.

How many player on a softball team?

there should be 9 player in a softball game

Is it a penalty if a player handles the ball inside the box but his feet are outside?

Only the position of the ball matters.

Can a different player kick penalty after a penalty is recall?

no a different player can't kick penalty after a penalty is recall.

Are the jobs of a softball player hard to get?

yes you need to work hard to get the job of a softball player and by the way softball i hard to play!!!!

Why did softball player Jennifer Sharron be involved in sports?

She became a softball player because as a young child she always enjoyed softball

How do you say softball player in Spanish?

jugador de softball

When a player has addressed the ball outside a hazard and has grounded his club but then has a practice swing first is this deemed as a penalty stroke?

Not if the ball is sitting outside the hazard line.

Who is physically fit a basketball player or a softball player?

a basketball player because in my opinion they definitely move around much more than a softball player. i know this because i am a basketball and softball player and i would say that you move more and quicker than you would in softball

Distance of player on a goal kick?

All opponents must be outside of the penalty area when the goal kick is taken. No player may touch the ball again until it has left the penalty area or the goal kick is retaken.

When a player receives a penalty and they score and they are scored on does the player leave penalty box?


How many player are allowed on the field at one time softball?

9 for the defense (fielding) and up to 4 for the offensse (batting/running)

How do you get a penalty for crease violation playing hockey?

If you are the offensive player, and any part of your body is in the crease when the puck isn't, then the ref blows the whistle and the faceoff is outside attacking zone in the neutral zone.The player in the crease does not get a minor penalty.

What do you have to do to become a college softball player?

You must have atleast a C average in your corses, and you need to be good softball player.

Who is brooke hanners?

softball player

Can you be offsides on a penalty kick?

For a penalty kick to be started all players, except the goal keeper and kicker, must be (1) outside of the penalty area, (2) 10 yards from the ball, and (3) behind the ball. So, by definition, a penalty cannot be taken with a player in an offside position.

How many player on the field in softball?

There are nine players at a time on the field for fastpitch softball and ten for slow pitch softball

How many colleges for a softball player?

There are more than 1,200 colleges that have softball programs.

What is the education of a professional softball player?

There are no educational requirements to play softball or baseball professionally.

What should the umpire do if the player injecting the ball has both feet behind the back line in hockey?

The player injecting the ball into a penalty corner must have at least one foot outside the circle (i.e. behind the back line) until they have played the ball. There is no penalty for having both feet behind the back line.If the injecting player does not have at least one foot outside circle when playing the ball, the penalty corner is reset and taken again.

What college courses do you need to get to be a pro softball player?

To be a pro softball player you must have good grades ! I advice you to study your notes .