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No, any type of interference is against the rule. It is similar to a pitcher unintentionally hitting a batter.

As it is true that the interference does not have to be intentional, there are occasions where there might be "interference" that is not called as such. i.e If a batter takes a pitch and a runner is stealing a base, if the catcher throws the ball and hits the batter or his bat, while the batter is still standing in the box, this is not called interference

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Q: Does batters interference have to be intentional?
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When a batters intentional interference on a batted ball breaks up a double play the runner closest to home regardless of where the double play would have been possible is out?

If there was one out. no run can score on a force out? If no outs, I believe the run scores.....

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batters interference

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In a baseball game if a hitter hits a fair ball down the line and it hits the ball girl is that considered an interference?

Yes, it is interference. If, in the umpire's judgment, it was unintentional, the play continues as normal. If it was intentional, the ball is called dead and runners/batter gets two bases.

What are six ways to reach first base without getting a hit or walking?

Error Catchers Interference Fielders Choice Intentional Walk Hit by Pitch Dropped Third Strike

If an infielder boots the ball from out of the base path into the base path and the runner runs in to him is the fielder guilty of interference and the runner awarded the next base?

One Answer:Yes, The base runner is guilty of interference if he is contacted by a batted ball other than an infield fly. Another Answer:In MLB, it depends on whether or not, in the umpire's judgment, the interference was intentional or not. Rule 7.08(b)Comment states, in part:...If, however, the runner has contact with a legally occupied base when he hinders the fielder, he shall not be called out unless, in the umpire's judgment, such hindrance, whether it occurs on fair or foul territory, is intentional...

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1. A Base Hit 2. An Error 3. A Walk (Intentional or not) 4. A HBP 5. Catchers Interference 6. Fielders Choice 7. Dropped Third Strike