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Q: If a batter stands close to home plate when batting is he an inside batter or an outside batter?
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What is the name of the batting circle on a softball field?

The On Deck circle, because its where the batter that is on deck stands

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What does the pitcher do on a baseball team?

The pitcher stands 60 feet and 6 inches away batting plate and tries to strike the batter out.

If a fielder jumps over the wall and lands in the stands before catching a foul ball or a home run is the batter out?

No, if the fielder is out of the field of play (in the stands), then the batter is not out.

How many umpires are there in rounders?

I'm not quite sure but i think there are two, a batting umpire and a bowling umpire. the batting umpire stands sideways on from the batter, and the bowling umpire stands behind 2nd base. Hope that helped! Rosina Ahmed, 13 years old

Is a ball caught in the stands an out?

no the batter gets a home run and its not a out

What does abbreviation BB stands for in Baseball?

BB is an abbreviation for Base on Balls, or a walk. When a batter advances to first base after the pitcher throws four balls outside of the strike zone.

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In the game of baseball the batter stands next to which base?

Home Plate

What is the new batting order when a player is called out for batting out of order?

== == A magnitude of different scenarios exist for batting out of order, but I will try to give as simple and general of an answer as I can. I will break this down in to two parts, one for batting out of order and a pitch being thrown to the next batter, and one for no pitch having been thrown yet. If a pitch has been thrown to the player batting after the improper batter, everything stands: hit, walk, out, steal, anything. The only thing that could change is who is batting now. The person who SHOULD be batting now is whoever is listed after the improper batter in the lineup (assuming they have received a pitch). So if you have batters 1,2,3,4,5, etc. #2 bats when #1 should have. He gets a hit. Batter #1 then comes to bat and takes a strike. Batting out of order is noticed. Batter #3 should be batting now because he is listed after batter #2. Batter #3 would assume whatever the count was that batter #1 had and bat in his place, then 4 then 5 and so on. If a pitch HAS NOT been thrown to the next batter after batting out of order, it gets tricky. Lets again assume batters 1,2,3,4,5, etc. #2 bats when #1 should have, and gets a hit, then batter #3 comes up, but the out of order is noticed before the pitch. Since #2 batted and #1 should have, #1 is called out, the runner is removed from the bases and the next spot in the order comes to bat, in the case, batter #2 will hit again. I would love to give a full breakdown but there are so many different scenarios and quirky tidbits that make this hard to explain, or understand for anybody. Just remember, If a pitch has not been thrown to the next batter, call the improper batter out, take away the plays that resulted from his actions (except for if he gets out, then its just a lineup modification) and get the batter in there who should be batting after the guy who SHOULD have batted in the first place. If a pitch HAS been thrown, just make sure you have the batter in the box who bats after the batter who went out of order.

Where does the batter stand when up to bat?

The batter stands in the batter's box. These are located on either side of home plate. The batter can stand in either one of them, depending on whether he is left handed or right.

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Standing in baseball?

I am not sure what you were going for when you typed this but here's what I thought of: In baseball you have outfielder, infielder, batter, pitcher, and striker. Uses: Outfielder: The outfilder stands in the outfield and catches far-flying balls. Infielder: The infielder stands a little farther in than the outfielder, and catches not as far-flying balls that go just outside the base diamond. Batter: The batter stands at home plate and hits the balls the pitcher throws with a bat. Pitcher: The pitcher throws a ball for the batter to hit and tries to make him/her miss the ball with the bat. Striker: The striker sits crouched behind the batter and catches missed balls (strikes--hence the term "striker"). And yes, guys, I am a girl and I am 13 (when I wrote this). ----------1-18-11----------

What is a stance in cricket?

A stance could be the way the batter stands when a bowler is coming into bowl

What is the space called that the next batter whose up to bat stands in?

the on-deck circle

Who is the pitcher in baseball?

the one who throws the ball to the batter (stands in the middle of the field on the white rubber)

What does pp mean in cricket?

PP stands for PowerPlay - which gives a slight advantage to the batting team with the fielding side limited to Two players outside the inner circle.

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If a batter reaches 1st base as the result of an error but gets thrown out trying to reach 2nd on the same play is the error negated?

The error stands as the batter reached a base safely.

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ISP stands for Inside Plant and OSP stands for Outside Plant. According to Building Industry Construction Service International (BICSI), OSP is any network infrastructure installed external to buildings. ISP refers to cable installed inside of the building.

What is home plate in baseball?

It is the base that the batter stands at to hit a pitch. This base must be touched to score a run.