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No, lifting will not stunt your growth as the myth grows. But at such a young age you need supervision, and make sure you do it correctly. There are many benefits of weight training, even at this age.

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Q: Lifting weights at 8 years old affect your growth?
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Can teenagers lift weights?

A teenager CAN lift weights of 7 kilograms MAXIMUM. If a teenager lifts heavier weights, it may affect their growth. For example, my cousin has 13 years old, she's a girl, and lifts weights of 6kilograms each.... so yeah, it's not really affective in that case. But if a teenager (13-16 years old) lifts MORE than that, it will affect they're growth. Plus, I recommend that the minimum age of lifting heavier weights is when they are 17 years old or older. Especially boys, that always want to be like, stronger and good-looking when they're lifting weights. :) Hope this helps!

If you start doing weights at 11 or 12 years old can it stop your growth?

It may not stunt your growth, however, you have to really careful that you don't tear ligaments or tendons. You may want to ask your coach or trainer the correct way of lifting weights.

Does lifting weights when your twelve stunt your growth?

When I was 13 I started pre-freshman football lifting. We max out every 6 weeks. At 13 I was 5ft and I have been lifting weights since and am 5ft 3 at 14 years old. I know it isn't a huge gain but my parents aren't that tall. In fact, genetics are what make you short. Not coffee or lifting weights most of those are myths. I squat 265 yet still grow even though people say squatting stunts growth. Your best bet is to get your forms down before you try to max out or do heavy weight. Benching is shoulders and will not affect your growth. It is healthy to lift weights but since your 12 I would focus on form and repetition before maxing. You should feel stiff or sore after you start lifting which means you worked your body more than it is used too. Use spotters when using free weights!

How does lifting weights stunt your growth?

There is no evidence that weight lifting stunts growth. In fact, bones can become stronger from the exercise. Science has proved that weight training will not stunt your growth even if you start at as young as 10 years old. The real danger is if your not supervised and have bad form injuries may occur.

Does lifting weights help to make you taller?

That;s an interesting question. I am happy you asked this. I am a major science wiz. I am 15 years old. I recently had a theory that weight lifting could improve growth if done properly and safely. I started weight lifting when I was 14 years old. One thing to make sure of is to lift weights your body can handle and weights that are not too light or way too heavy for you. I was lifting some heavy weights. Though I still grew an inch TALLER! I was 5'8 and grew to another inch over the summer. I am now 5'9. My shoulders got wider and stronger. My chest also got bigger and harder as a result of weight lifting. But doing weight lifting wrong can damage your growth plate and stunt your growth in the process. It won't stop but it will slow down as a result of damage. So if your doing it or want too do it. Then I suggest lifting weights good for you. Make sure you have an adult who has weight lifted before has more than enough experience with weights. Weight lifting is very good because our muscles need that kind of stress factor in order to improve in performance wise.

Can lifting weights when you are 14 years old stunt your growth?

This question if asked quite frequently by young guys trying to get in shape, weightlifting does not stunt your growth if it is done sensibly, it can only stunt your growth if you use very heavyweights, which can damage your bones and ligaments, the best advice is to do weights which you could over 6 reps with.

If your 14 years old should you lift weights?

Yes, this is old enough. Lifting will not stunt your growth as the myth grows. Just make sure you do it correctly, and get supervision at first.

Can lifting weights stunt the growth of a 14-year-old?

There is no way it will stunt your growth. In fact i was very short when i was young but then right around 13-14 i started to lift weights and i grew to be one of the tallest kids in my class. So there is no chance it will stunt your growth. If you are 14 years old, you should consult with a doctor to make sure.

12 years of age old enough to lift weights?

Yes, this is old enough. Lifting will not stunt your growth as the myth grows. Just make sure you do it correctly, and get supervision at first.

Is 15 years old suitable to lift weights in gym?

Yes, this is old enough. Lifting will not stunt your growth as the myth grows. Just make sure you do it correctly, and get supervision at first.

At what age should one start lifting weights?

around 12 years old

Does pushups affect height growth?

No it doesn't affect ur height. Even if u do too much push-ups it won't still affect ur height. Weight lifting can stunt ur height. The proper age for weight lifting is from 21 years.

Why women afraid of lifting weights?

They use the excuse "I don't want to be bulky," when in reality it takes years of natural weight lifting to become "bulky."

Can you lift weights at 12 years old?

Most gyms say that you should be 14 before lifting weights This is because your muscles are not developed enough as a child.

When should a child be allowed to begin lifting free weights?

When they are 15 years old and can confidently use the correct technique.

Can weight lifting stunt your growth if you 15 years old?

No, it does not stunt growth. The ends of the bone are still growing when young, and some people thought that if the bone was broken your growth would be stunted, but this is undocumented. Lifting is very beneficial at all ages.

Is it ok to lift weights at 13 years olds i am a 13yr old boy i am 5 foot 4 and i weigh 115 and i was wondering if it would stunt my growth if i starting to lift weights?

It actually is okay to lift weights at your age. I am a 14 year old girl and i bench press a bunch of weights and i have not stunted my growth. Guys are mad to lift weights I'm not suppose to lift weights but i am strong enough to do it. The answer to you is yes.

How has the helicopter changed over the years?

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Can lifting weights cause a hernia?

Yes, it is possible to tear a hole (hernia) from lifting too much. In the case of lifting weights, most often the muscles in the lower abdominal area are affected. The muscles, especially weaker muscles, can tear from the extreme pressure/ strain put on them from lifting very Heavy weights. The contents (an organ or any other bodily structure) inside the wall can then "spill out" or stick out causing pain and what is known as a Hernia. Although treatments such as surgery are available, prevention is always the best way to go. Ask a friend to help when lifting heavy objects, Don't push yourself too hard with weights at the gym and see a doctor if you have constipation or abdominal issues, especially if you are a person in your golden years.

Will lifting at 14 years old stunt your growth?

no im 14 and i lift all the time and im 5 11

Is bodybuilding at young age dangerous?

No. There is a myth that bodybuilding will stunt your growth, but it is just that; a myth. It should be noted, however, that until your body starts to produce testosterone, you won't see massive size and strength gains. My father had me lifting weights at 6 years old. I suffer no adverse effects from it.

Im 16 years old 5'9 and 207lbs and i want to get ripped by lifting weights what should i do at the gym?

bench press and lift weights and start with 25 or 50 ones then work your way up and 4 sets of 25 pushups a day

Is sex affect the growth when watching it at 15 years old?

I wouldn't say watching porn would affect physical growth, but mental growth. Mentally at the age of 15 a person is still learning about who they are sexually and what type of person they want to grow up to be. The constant viewing of sex will affect this mental growth and could affect future relationships.

You are 5.4 ft tall and 17 years old and wanted to know that will weightlifting stunt your growth?

hmmm, well if you're 17 and lacking in height i wouldn't worry about it, its very unlikely at this age in life you are gonna spurt up to 6ft, forget height, it means nothing, just go for the "built like a brick shithouse" look, and ive been lifting weights for years (aged 16 ... 17 in 2 months lolol) and im still growing in height gradually, so no, i wouldn't think lifting weights will harm your growth at all, just make sure you look in to how to lift, correct form is vital, or you will injure youself (short as well as long term.) best of luck matey, Brett.

Does gout affect a child of 4 years?

because it's can effect to the bone growth and the kidney.