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Eating a diet tailored to the form of exercise you are undertaking will definitely boost performance. Also fluid intake is very important (water is the best), being 5% dehydrated reduces performance by 20%.

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Q: How does diet affect your sports performance?
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What psychological factors can affect sports performance?

pressure, diet, depression

What affects does diet have on sports training and performance?

If you have a good diet, you could be in shape for sports. If you have a bad diet, you wont be.

How can carbohydrates affect sports performance?

if we eat carbohydrates most gives us energy and affect the sports performance

How does diet affect sport performance?

Diet affects your sport performance because if you have the right diet then you will not have energy and fitness.

How can culture effect your sports performance?

It can affect your sport's performance by the characteristics you have that affect play.

How do drugs affect sports performance?

It is not good for you.

How can wearing jewelry affect sports performance?

Wearing jewelleries might affect sports performance because you might hit someone with that jewellery

How does diet effect sports performance?

Diet affects sport performance because of how different foods affect your body. For instance, if you eat healthy food your body will be healthy, allowing you to perform better in sports. If you eat unhealthy foods your body will be handicapped, because it is not in prime condition.

How does speed affect your sports performance?

Your preformance improves

How does arousal and anxiety affect sports performance?


How does body composition affect sports performance?


How will a diet affect a sports performer?

diet will surely affect sports performer. One must keep the body healthy ,so that he can carry out sports without any weakness.

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