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diet will surely affect sports performer. One must keep the body healthy ,so that he can carry out sports without any weakness.

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How does your diet affect sports?

Healthy diet is so important for sports and games. Sports and games need body strength and best diet is necessary for body strength. When you are taking healthy and fresh diet then you will easily avail the strength requirement for sports. Always take good diet for your sports and games activities.

When was Sports Performer Awards created?

Sports Performer Awards was created in 2007.

What psychological factors can affect sports performance?

pressure, diet, depression

What is a TAS sports performer?

A TAS Sports Performer is an individual who enjoys and performs sports such as Football, Rugby, Cricket, Badminton.

How does stress affect a sports performer?

if it is baseball and ethe pitcher his stressed. he is most likely going to pitch a ball instead of a strike.

How does level of activity affect a sports performer?

If you want to stay in shape heck ya u want to be physically active every day for about 2 hours if you are a sports athlete to keep in shape.

How does diet affect sports?

you need to eat lots of fatty foods so you get fat and you will perform to your best

What affects does diet have on sports training and performance?

If you have a good diet, you could be in shape for sports. If you have a bad diet, you wont be.

How do you motivate sports performer?

you cheer their name really loudly to motivate sports performers!!!!

What sports performer suffers with stress?

the stressful ones

How does alcohol affect a sports performer?

In small doses, alcohol can increase performance slightly. However, beyond that it begins to have intoxicating effects and these dramatically reduce performance.

How does arosual and anexity affect a sports performer?

it can affect the way they play because they might be thinking about it the whole time. But it could also make them play better if they are mad and take it out in the game which isn't a bad thing

How would a sports performer improve their cardiovascular endurance?


How does human growth hormone effect a sports performer?


What actors and actresses appeared in The Sports Bar - 1996?

The cast of The Sports Bar - 1996 includes: Monte as Patron Maria Corell as Regular Performer John Farley as Regular Performer Scot Fedderly as Patron Soren McCarthy as Ensemble Cast (1997) David Pompeii as Regular Performer Tami Sagher as Regular Performer Al Samuels as Regular Performer Rich Talarico as Regular Performer Elvis Winterbottom as Guest Performer (1997)

The effect concentration has on a sports performer?

¨When the performer is not concentrating during sport then their balance of the game is off. That means their not putting their all into the game.

What signs show a unskilled sports performer?

An unskilled performer is someone who is not able to do the desired task repeatedly and have slow and insufficient responses

What is the diet for a sports performer in actual foods please?

for breakfast could be cereal or maybe eggs, no bacon or cheese. Before a game, usually a bread or pasta. and try to have alot of proteins, such as steak, etc.

How does aggression effect a sports performer?

In some sports it can help you because you go for it harder but it can hurt you if you are too aggressive.

How does diet effect sports performance?

Diet affects sport performance because of how different foods affect your body. For instance, if you eat healthy food your body will be healthy, allowing you to perform better in sports. If you eat unhealthy foods your body will be handicapped, because it is not in prime condition.

Why does a sports performer have to be healthy?

They need every advantage they can get by being fit and healthy. If they were not, then others will out compete them all of the time. Any excess fat will burden the sports performer, as it's extra weight to carry around.

Are Carbohydrates good or bad for sports performer?

its good for a good sports man,eg-usain bailey.

Does your gender affect your diet?

no, but it does affect your matabolism

How does lack of sleep affect a sports performer?

A lack of sleep can affect a sports perfomer by making the body become slow and not work as fast as it would if you got the correct amount of sleep you needed and it also causes your brain to process slow and you may become irritiable towards some people or just to tired to continue what you are doing.

Do sports affect your acne?

no it does not affect your acne