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It isn't a hit. It is a fielders choice.

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Q: Is a batter given a hit if he hits a ball to shortstop and shortstop can not throw out hitter but throws out runner at 3rd in a rundown from 2nd base instead of throwing to 1st?
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Can you charge a hitter with a fielder's choice if there is not a force out at a base?

Yes. For example, runner on 2nd, batter hits ground ball to the shortstop, who, instead of throwing to first, throws to third base in an attempt to get the runner. The batter is charged with reaching first on a fielder's choice, even if the runner is safe or out.

Batter is to offense as shortstop is to?


What is fly 6?

This may be a shorthand way of stating that a batter hit a fly ball to the shortstop. In baseball scoring (on scorecards), the abbreviation for the shortstop is "6".

What is batters interference at home plate when catcher is throwing down to 3rd base?

Batter's interference is when the batter interferes with the catcher's ability to throw and catch a ball that is in play. An example of this is if the batter were to obstruct the catcher when a teammate is stealing a base, resulting in the catcher's inability to throw out the runner.

Is it a hit for the batter when an infielder holds the ball instead of throwing it to a base to get an out?

If he catches the ball on the fly he is out. If he fields a ground ball and does no throw to first he is safe. If he pops up and the umpire rules "infield fly" he is out.

Can a batter be awarded first base if the umpire feels that the pitcher is intentionally throwing at him?


If a runner is on third base with one out and you hit a grounder to second why are you charged with an at-bat if the runner scores?

The fielder made a decision to throw the batter out at first instead of throwing the runner out at home. This is considered a fielders choice.

What is the scoring if you cannot assume an IF could get the batter but the runner makes a delayed attempt to advance on a bobbled ball and gets thrown out or caught in a rundown?

fielders choice

When attempting to throw out a runner at second base who takes the throw?

That would depend on 'who' is trying to throw the runner out. This answer will assume the questioner is asking about a stolen base and the 'who' is the catcher. The defensive player that covers second base on a steal attempt is the player that the defense believes is on the side of the field that the ball will NOT be hit to. Factors that go into this decision are whether the batter is righthanded or lefthanded, where the pitcher is going to pitch the ball (inside or outside), and how good of a batter the player is (whether they can hit the ball to all fields, whether they are a pull hitter). Generally, if the batter is righthanded and the pitcher is going to pitch inside the odds are better, if the batter makes contact with the ball, that it will be hit to the left side of the field. In this case, it will be the second baseman's responsibility to cover the base if the runner attempts to steal. If the batter is lefthanded and the pitcher is going to pitch inside the odds are better, if the batter makes contact with the ball, that it will be hit to the right side of the field. In this case, it will be the shortstop's responsibility to cover the base if the runner attempts a steal. The decision of who will cover second base on a steal attempt is made before every pitch. On one pitch the second baseman may be the player to cover and on the next pitch the shortstop may be the player to cover. If you are at a game, you may notice when a player is on first base that the second baseman will put his glove up to his face and look at the shortstop just before a pitch is made. The second baseman is giving a signal to the shortstop as to who will cover second base on a steal attempt. Usually, the signal is an open mouth or closed mouth. If the second baseman looks at the shortstop and his mouth is open, this means the second baseman will be the player to cover if a steal is attempted; if the mouth is closed the shortstop will cover. Or vice versa ... it all depends on how the team has set up their signals.

If the ball is caught and then dropped - while the player is tumbling on the ground - is the batsman out?

Usually the batter is not out, but if the fielder drops the ball in the act of throwing it to an infielder the batter is out. So your question's answer is no he is not out.

Runners are on 3rd and 1st. The ball is hit to the 2nd baseman. The shortstop covers the bag and the batter reaches 1st before the throw reaches 1st base. The runner at 3rd scores. Is it an at bat?

Yes. The batter would be credited with an at bat and an RBI.

How do you pitch a Wiffle Ball?

By throwing the ball in the general direction of the batter with an intent to make him/her miss and "wiff" at the pitch.