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Q: Batter is to offense as shortstop is to?
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What is fly 6?

This may be a shorthand way of stating that a batter hit a fly ball to the shortstop. In baseball scoring (on scorecards), the abbreviation for the shortstop is "6".

What is the minimum number of baseball players on the field during active play?

Ten: nine position players on defense (Catcher, pitcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base and three outfielders) and a batter at the plate on offense.

Is a batter given a hit if he hits a ball to shortstop and shortstop can not throw out hitter but throws out runner at 3rd in a rundown from 2nd base instead of throwing to 1st?

It isn't a hit. It is a fielders choice.

Why is caught out batter out is effective?

for offense you can get a runner from 3rd to home. For defense you get an out.

What does 'A' stand for in a box score?

'A' stands for Assist and is a defensive statistic. Players are given assists when they help in getting a runner out but do not actually make the putout. For example, if a batter hits a ground ball to the shortstop and the shortstop throws thebatter out at first base, the shortstop is credited with an assist and the first baseman is credited with a putout.

What is a sentence for the words shortstop and caught?

The shortstop caught the ball. The pitcher caught the ball and threw it to the shortstop for the out.

Does the batter get an RBI if he bats into a fielders choice and a runner scores?

Yes. There are only a few times that a batter helps a teammate score but does not get an RBI. Example 1: Bases loaded, 0 outs, batter grounds into double play 2nd baseman to first baseman, runner at third scores. The batter is not credited with an RBI. Example 2: Runner on 3rd, 2 outs, batter hits a routine groundball to shortstop, but the shortstop makes an erro. The batter is not credited with an RBI because if the ball was played cleanly the run would not have scored.

How many players can be on a softball field?


Who is the best shortstop?

Troy Tulowitzki is the best shortstop ever

Is shortstop a common noun?

Yes, shortstop is a common noun.

What does a shortstop do in baseball?

Shortstop is a essential role in a baseball team. Without the shortstop the Left fielder would have a lot of running up to do. Another thing a shortstop does is help with double plays. Often the shortstop is the team captain. When the ball is hit to the right side of the field, the shortstop covers 2nd base. Often when a base runner tries to steal 2nd the shortstop covers.

How do you use shortstop in a sentence?

The baseball player played shortstop in the game.

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