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Yes. For example, runner on 2nd, batter hits ground ball to the shortstop, who, instead of throwing to first, throws to third base in an attempt to get the runner. The batter is charged with reaching first on a fielder's choice, even if the runner is safe or out.

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Q: Can you charge a hitter with a fielder's choice if there is not a force out at a base?
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Does a fielders choice count as a plate appearance?

yes. you ground to short with a man on first and they get the force at second... you are 0-1

Is it a hit if the runner running to 3rd base gets tagged out but there is no force?

No. This would be a fielders choice and would not count as a hit for the batter.

Is it a fielders choice if the out could not be made at first?

If the batter hits the ball, and the result is a force out, then the play is considered a "fielder's choice" no matter how unlikely it would have been for an out to have been made at first base. In the batter's statistics, it is counted as an at bat but not a hit.

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