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Batter's interference is when the batter interferes with the catcher's ability to throw and catch a ball that is in play. An example of this is if the batter were to obstruct the catcher when a teammate is stealing a base, resulting in the catcher's inability to throw out the runner.

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If the batter attempts to block the catcher from throwing to third base, or if the batters obstructs the catcher in the process of throwing to third base.

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Batter's Interference is if the batter in question steps in the way of the Catcher that'll prevent him from throwing to a base.

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If the ball hits third base on a hit, it is foul according to Major League Rules

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Q: What is batters interference at home plate when catcher is throwing down to 3rd base?
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When is it interference by the batter with the catcher when a runner from third base is trying to score?

When the batter is standing on the plate.

When the home plate umpire is behind the plate is he in fair territory?

No. The Home Plate Umpire, the Catcher, and the Batters are in foul territory, because they are all positioned behind the foul lines.

In the MLB do you have to slide at home plate?

In Major League Baseball, runners are not required to slide at home plate. The rule only states that a player must attempt to avoid a collision if there is a play at the plate. If a player intentionally makes contact with the catcher, they can be called out for interference.

Does the batter have to move out of the way when third base is stolen?

If the batter remains in the batters box he is not required to move. In some instances it might be best not to move, as if you do move and then interfer with the catcher or the throw, you will be called for interference

How much latitude does a batter have in leaning over the plate in front of the catcher after a pitch to prevent the throw to 2nd?

Zero. The runner will be called out on batter's interference if the throw is obstructed in any way.

Can a steel plate in your head cause interference with your computer?

No. A steel plate in one's head cannot cause interference with a computer.

Why did Mickey Mantle become a switch-hitter?

For various reasons, batters hit better when they are on the side of the plate opposite from the side the pitcher is throwing from. A batter who can hit equally well from both sides of the plate thus eliminates any advantage a pitcher throwing from the same side would have. Thus, Mantle was raised to be a switch hitter by his family.

Where is the Catcher in Baseball?

Behind Home Plate.

When does an at bat not count?

Hit by the pitch, sacrifice, base on balls and I believe catcher's interference

Can a catcher in slow pitch softball block the plate if theres a play at home?

No player including the catcher is allowed to block the base unless he has the ball. It would be defensive interference and the runner would be safe. The rule is generally not enforced if the ball and the runner arrive at the same time. The reason home plate is somewhat different than second or third is because a runner does not need to remain on home plate where at second and third, overrunning the bag could allow the runner to be tagged out.

IN baseball who is behind the catcher?

The Home Plate Umpire...

How far does the batters box extend in front of home plate?

According to the H&K Sports Fields (commercial) website (refer to the link, below), the batter's box starts 6 inches from home plate, and measures 4 feet long by 6 feet wide, total (i.e., both the right and left sides combined).