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Contact sports, such as football and hockey, can damage the last remaining kidney, which will mean that that person will need a new kidney.

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Q: Why should a person with only one kidney avoid contact sports?
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What effects can a horseshoe kidney have in contact sports?

are there any problems with playing contact sports if you have been diagnosed with horseshoe kidneys and are a 16 year old male.

Should Contact Sports be banned?

No, there is risk in many activities, not just contact sports.

Should sports player where protection?

In contact sports yes

When can a person with a Grade 2 concussion return to contact sports?

Return to contact sports should only occur after one week with no symptoms, both at rest and during activity, and following examination by a physician.

Why contact sports should banned?

They shouldn't. Contact sports give people a positive way to interact athletically. If it were not for contact sports, there would be much more violence.

What can and can't you do after donating a kidney?

One Kidney Works Fine. After donating a kidney in 2000, the physician's instructions were simple: do not play contact sports; avoid ibuprofen. The donor's remaining kidney enlarges over time and handles all the tasks previously handled by two kidneys. The donor should be able, after recovery, to resume normal activities and lifestyle.

What qualities should a person have as a sports person?

Being good at sports and never give up.

Should boys wear jocks?

Yes, either with a cup for sports with direct contact, or just for support when running or playing non-contact sports.

Should contact sports be banned from schools?

no because there will be riots if this happens

When can a person return to contact sports after a Grade 3 concussion?

Contact sports are avoided for one week following unconsciousness of only seconds, and for two weeks for unconsciousness of a minute or more.

Should sports people drink sports drinks?

Only if you are active at the time you are drinking it because, there is a lot of salt in it and salt can build up and give you kidney stones.

What sports can you play with one kidney?

maybe, but u should just not waste your time on here and go ask a doctor!

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