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Return to contact sports should only occur after one week with no symptoms, both at rest and during activity, and following examination by a physician.

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Q: When can a person with a Grade 2 concussion return to contact sports?
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When can a person return to contact sports after a Grade 3 concussion?

Contact sports are avoided for one week following unconsciousness of only seconds, and for two weeks for unconsciousness of a minute or more.

What research has been done on sports-related concussion?

Studies of concussion in contact sports have shown that the risk of sustaining a second concussion is even greater than it was for the first if the person continues to engage in the sport.

How is a Grade 1 concussion treated?

A grade 1 concussion can usually be treated with rest and continued observation alone. The person may return to sports activities that same day, but only after examination by a trained professional

Can contact sports cause concussion?

Contact sports, especially football, hockey, and boxing, are among those most likely to lead to concussion. Other significant causes include falls, collisions, or blows due to bicycling, horseback riding, skiing, and soccer.

What is a general sports injury?

A concussion

What happens after a sports related concussion?


Why should a person with only one kidney avoid contact sports?

Contact sports, such as football and hockey, can damage the last remaining kidney, which will mean that that person will need a new kidney.

What has the author Phillip Hossler written?

Phillip Hossler has written: 'Getting a-head of concussion' -- subject(s): Sports injuries, Concussion, Brain

Concussion- how this injury is associated with sport?

Most sports involve contact so the possibility of striking your unprotected head is high. Wearing a mouthguard cuts concussions down, the jarring of jaws causes concussions.

Can a person leave college ball go to pro sports and than return to college sports?

Nah ur fat mate

How does medical injury's affect proformance in sport?

It affects the way you react to things... for instance if you get a concussion and you still have "concussion like symptoms" and if you get hit again and get another concussion that's some serious brain damage... they are trying to help keep everyone safe in the sports industry.

What are the levels of a concussion?

The levels of a concussion are referrred to as Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. Grade 1: Temporary disorientation, no loss of consciousness, all symptoms clear up in less than 15 minutes. Grade 2: Temporary disorientation, no loss of consciousness, symptoms persist for 15 minutes or more. Grade 3: Any loss of consciousness, whether for seconds or minutes. There's a good article on Concussion Management in Organized Sports that explains more. See