Should boys wear jocks?

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Yes, either with a cup for sports with direct contact, or just for support when running or playing non-contact sports.

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Q: Should boys wear jocks?
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Should boys wear boxers?

There is no reason why boys should not wear boxers.

Should you wear a jockstrap daily?

yes i wear one a i is real nice Cotton jocks are good to wear daily and are cool in the summer.

You are going to a jocks and cheerleaders partybut what do jocks wear?

there team leather jacket,blue jeans,team shoes

Do baseball players wear jocks?

Yes, most do, or they wear compression shorts.

Do teens wear jocks or bikinis?

it depends on the gender.

Should boys wear bows?

boys should never wear bows... EVER.... unless they're just playing around

Should boys wear footy socks?

Yes boys should footy socks

Why do guys wear jocks so high?

Because it supports them.

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The official dictionary definition is informal.But In clubpenguin, jocks wear Letterman jackets, a wig, and talk to cheerleaders.

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Boys really should wear jockstraps for sports that require a cup, and for running and working out to support the genitals.

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No, because boys have small penis's

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They should, and the catcher normally does. It's usually a safety rule for catchers in High School and college sports.

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