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In contact sports yes

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Q: Should sports player where protection?
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What should India do to stay ahead in the sports?

get a player and train him

What sports personality should you go to school as?

basket ball player

What sports in Australia uses a cup for protection?

Cricketers in Australia use a cup for protection.

Do girls wear body protection playing sports?


Where can you buy a 'cup protection' for paintball?

Any sports cup will do.

Which sports make use of leather protection masks?

There are many sports that utilize a leather mask for protection. Sports such as baseball and hockey use masks to protect their players faces, and football uses helmets made of plastic.

Who is the top paid sports player?

The top payed sports player is a woman tennis player that is Maria Sharapova

Why should sports be eliminated?

Sports should not be eliminated from anything.

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What type of CD player is best to use when working out?

You should get one with enough anti skip protection to take your workout.

What is sports news story?

A sports news story is an article of a certain event, gathering that is related to sports. A good sports story is a story that should be written and published that will make your article is of interest to the reader. IT should contain the setting, the player/s that did an interesting thing, award or medal that is given to the certain person.

Who is the best sports player ever in history?

The best sports player ever in history is Brian Scalabrine

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