What sport is the most athletic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Since the word athletics truly refers to Track and Field, then that is the sport. The Olympic decathlon winner is referred to as the world's best athlete.

In a more typical sense, it all depends on exactly how you define "most athletic". I've heard that soccer players can run 11 or 12 miles in a match (90 minute) but this pales in comparison to marathon and half-marathon runners, who also get no breaks.

Some sports are also faster paced than others. For instance, a round of Golf can take the professionals near 6 hours to make roughly 72 shots. This is only one shot per 5 minutes. Basketball and volleyball are much faster paced.

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Hard to say but i personally say that football and Baseball are tied for most athletic

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Q: What sport is the most athletic?
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