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there is many schools that have athletic teams butmost of them are from NC

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2010-10-25 00:40:19
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Q: What middle school has the most athletic sport teams?
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What are Manitoba's athletic teams?

hockey is the major sport

What middle schools have baseball teams?

The ones with good athletic programs.

Should middle school have a golf team?

In most states, middle schools do have golf teams. These teams help prepare the golfers for high school. But not all middle schools will have teams.

Can you join cheerleading at another school?

No. You have to be in the school to be able to be on any of their sport teams.

Are sports teams in middle school bad?


Professional sports in Hawaii?

No, there are currently no professional sport teams from Hawaii. However, they do have PGA tournaments at some of the golf courses in hawaii.the only teams r the university of Hawii athletic teams.

When trying out for a team and they ask you to tell them two things about yourself what are the best things to write?

It depends on what kind of team, and what level of playing (High School, Collage, Middle School) 1. Saying where else you have played. (Other teams for the same sport, and expesically travel teams that explains you are amaxing at that sport.) 2. Something about how you are a good sport and you like to encourage your teammates.

Which sport has the most athletic academic all-American players?

Football because they have the largest roster of all college teams.

Who is the smithville smithies?

== == Athletic teams of Smithville High School in Smithville, Ohio are called the Smithies

How is football a sport?

Foot ball is a sport because teams play against other teams and have teammates and it is now a national sport in Ghana, a country that i bet ID2833092420's don't know ANSWER: Because it meets all the criteria for a sport -- an organized, competitive athletic activity governed by a set of rules.

What is the athletic sport crew?

A sport on the water where teams are in boats (shells) and are propelled by oars. There can be boats with 1, 2, 4, or 8 people + a coxswain who stears and coaches the boat.

What athletic sports teams are from Louisville?

There are no professional sports teams located in Louisville, Kentucky. However, the University of Louisville is located there, and the school has nationally ranked football and basketball teams.

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