Most athletic sport

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basketbal cuz u got to run,jump,backpeddel,ect......

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Q: Most athletic sport
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Which American sport is most athletic?


What is the most athletic sport in the world?


What middle school has the most athletic sport teams?

there is many schools that have athletic teams butmost of them are from NC

Is cheerleading an official sport?

Yes, Cheer leading is an official sport.... most people take it for granted, though cheer leading is more athletic than most athletically required sports.

Which sport has the most athletic academic all-American players?

Football because they have the largest roster of all college teams.

Why is fishing the most popular participating sport?

Fishing is the most popular participating sport because anyone can fish. Lots of people like to fish as a hobby. You dont have to be athletic to fish. So any age group can participate.

What is the superlative form of athletic?

most athletic

Is cheerleading a good sport for kids?

Cheerleading is great sport for kids. I used to do cheerleading and I had an amazing time. Most people dont think that cheerleading is a very athletic sport, but there's alot more to cheerleaders than screaming and jumping

Is paintball a sport?

Yes, Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports in america!

What is the superlative and comparative of the word athletic?

comparative -- more athletic superlative -- most athletic

What officials are there in athletics?

The names of athletic officials vary depending upon the sport. The most common include referees, umpires, head linesmen, officials, and judges.

What is the superlative and comparative of the word athetic?

most athletic, more athletic

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