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Yes. My Athletic Director is the coach of our Baseball team.

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Q: Can a athletic director coach a sport?
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Who was the USC mens basketball coach in 1984?

Stan Morrison, who is currently the Athletic Director at the University of California at Riverside.

Is bowling an athletic sport?

Yes bowling is an athletic sport.

When was Mike Hamilton - athletic director - born?

Mike Hamilton - athletic director - was born in 1963.

When was Kevin White - athletic director - born?

Kevin White - athletic director - was born in 1950.

When was Joe Castiglione - athletic director - born?

Joe Castiglione - athletic director - was born on 1957-10-08.

When was Bob Krause - athletic director - born?

Bob Krause - athletic director - was born on 1945-09-12.

What is the difference between a sport and an athletic competiton?

Well, I personally think that a sport is with a team which you continuously practice to get better and play other teams in an organized manner, and an athletic competition is a less organized competition, maybe with out a team and a coach. For example, volleyball is a sport, and track can be considered both a sport and an possibly an athletic competition, because there doesn't always have to be a team, because generally there is 1 person starting in a lane at a time. But then that is my theory that I came up with in like 2 mins.

Who is considered an athletic director?

The individual who oversees coaches at schools or athletic organizations is usually considered the athletic director. This individual is also the person the coaches must answer to when there is an issue.

In which sport does the coach wear a uniform?

Baseball is a sport that the coach wears a uniform.

On Cheers which sport did Coach coach?


When was Colonial Athletic Association Men's Basketball Coach of the Year created?

Colonial Athletic Association Men's Basketball Coach of the Year was created in 1984.

When did Dan Gable become Assistant Athletic director for Iowa State?

Never. I am not sure when he became Assistant Athletic Director for the University of Iowa.