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Yes Bowling is an athletic sport.

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Q: Is bowling an athletic sport
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In which athletic sport is a heavy metal ball?


Is bowling a sport or not?

Yes, bowling is a sport.

Should bowling be considered a sport?

"The Sport of TenPin Bowling" is a sport.

Is bowling a contact sport?

No, bowling is not a contact sport.

Is bowling the newest sport?

Bowling is a very old sport.

When was bowling an Olympic sport?

Unfortunately, bowling is not an Olympic sport

Why did cheer leading become a competitive sport?

It's easily as athletic as other "sports" like golf or bowling, so why not?

Is Bowling a Dual Sport?

Bowling, like golf, is an OFFENSIVE sport only. There is no DEFENSE in bowling.

Is lawn bowling an olympic sport?

Lawn bowling is not an Olympic sport, but it is recognised by the IOC.

What type of sport is bowling?

It is considered an individual sport and a team sport. One might also classify bowling as an indoor sport.

U r a sophomore and u want 2 play a high school sport so you can get in better shape and meet new friends but ur not athletic at all what's a good fun sport that u could take up and try 2 get good at?

Bowling is a fairly good sport for this. I know quite a few people who are not very athletic at all, but they still like bowling.

What sport has strikes and spares?

Bowling has strikes and spares.

What is the safest sport?

probably bowling if you count that as a sport

Why is bowling exciting?

Bowling is an exciting sport because it is fun. If you have friends you can have a competition to see who it the best. That is why it is a exciting sport.

What is the longest lived sport?

The longest lived sport is the modern day bowling. Bowling has evolved from when it was first played.

What is the definition of the word sport?

The definition of sport= an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.

What countries is bowling playing in?

The sport of bowling can be found in the majority of countries.

What sport has ten pins in it and where do you play it?

Bowling, and you play it at a bowling alley

What sport uses a ball to get strikes and spares?

The sport of bowling.

What sport uses ball to get strikes and spares?

The sport of bowling.

Is bowling a spoort?

Yes it is a sport any sport the uses a bowl is a sport

What sport has strikes?

Baseball & Bowling

If you score a turkey what sport are you in?


WHICH sport can score a turkey?


In which sport is an alley used?