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Q: Which American sport is most athletic?
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What is the most athletic sport in the world?


What sport is the most athletic?

Hard to say but i personally say that football and baseball are tied for most athletic

Which sport has the most athletic academic all-American players?

Football because they have the largest roster of all college teams.

Is bowling an athletic sport?

Yes bowling is an athletic sport.

What middle school has the most athletic sport teams?

there is many schools that have athletic teams butmost of them are from NC

Which north American sport was the most valuable in 2010?

The most valued north American sport of 2010 is football.

Most watched American sport?

American Football

What is the most popular sport in American schools?

Football is the most popular school sport.

Which is the most famous sport in US?

By far, American football is the most famous sport.

What are women's hurdles?

This is an athletic sport.

Most athletic sport?

basketbal cuz u got to run,jump,backpeddel,ect......

What its the most common American sport?


What American sport is most popular?


Is Selena Gomez athletic?

yes she is kind of athletic. her favorite sport is basketball

What is the shortest athletic sport?

midget tossing?

What north American field sport has the most rules?

American football

What is the most Latin sport in the US?

Football (soccer) is the most popular sport among American Latinos.

Which league sport is most popular?

In the world? The most popular sport is football. (Or call it soccer, if you are an American.)

Is paintballing a sport?

Yes, depending on how seriously you take it. The game involves strategy, skill and athletic ability all into one. It most definitely is a sport.

Can a athletic director coach a sport?

Yes. My Athletic Director is the coach of our baseball team.

What is the least athletic sport?

Chess if you believe chess is a sport. If not, maybe pool.

Which school has the most athletic academic all-american players?

USC Trojans

What sport was most played by the Victorians?

american football

What is the most played sport in Atlanta?

American Football

What is most popular sport in US?

American Football.