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I am 15 years of age 140 pounds I am able to bench press 215 pounds if you could bench press your bodyweight than you are good but a great number would be your bodyweight multiplyed by 1.5 I only weighlift once a week and make sure not to overtrain as it can cause injury also you must eat a healthy diet if you want to see results or else you are not going to see progress also do not lift up weights to the point in which you start to get over developed.

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Q: What should a 16 year old 175 pound average bench press be?
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What is the average bench press for a 100 pound 12 year old boy?

i am 12 and i weigh around that i do loads of weights and i can bench press around 60 KG

How much does bob sanders bench press?

Bob Sanders can bench 332-pound bench press

What can average 180 pound kid bench press?

Half your body weight(90 pounds)

How much should a thirteen year old 124 pound boy bench press?

it really depends on the strength of the kid, but on average its between 60lbs. to 80 lbs.

What can Bench Press?

you should bench your weight or more

How much can Brian Dawkins bench press?

325-pound bench press … 315-pound power clean … 39-inch vertical jump

Is a 315 pound bench press good for a 50 year old male?

it will depend on what kind of bench it is :P

What should a 12 year old at 81 pounds bench press?

about 7 stone im 13 and can bench press 10-11 stone and that's quite a bit above average.

What should the maximum bench press rep be for a 6 foot 4 210 pound 17 year old boy?

they say you should be able to bench your own weight but if you have been training for awhile your muscles will let you bench a lot more than your weight.

How much should a college defensive end bench press?

average is about 350 and they weigh about 250 and around 6'3

Is a 315 pound a good bench press for a 50 year old male?


How much do college linemen bench press?

365 on average