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How much you should bench press depends on your experience as well as a host of other factors. Much more information would be needed such as your height compared to your weight, your age, your experience lifting. Are you wishing to be a competitive lifter, such as a powerlifter?

If you are 6'6" and 200 lbs with little lifting experience, you cannot expect to compete with someone who is 5'6" and 200 lbs with ten years of lifting experience.

I noticed more gains when I started focusing on my own performance and not competing with everyone else in the gym. Come up with your own goals and focus on accomplishing those goals.

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Q: How much should you bench if you weigh 200 pounds?
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If your 15yr old and weigh 140 pounds how much should you bench?

Probally 300 pounds

You are 27 and weigh 182 pounds how much should you be able to bench press?

You should be able to atleast bench over 385.

How much weight should you be bench pressing when you weigh 142 pounds?

I bench 190 for 5 reps and 185 for six reps and I weigh 142

How much should you bench-press if you weigh 153 pounds?

Most men who don't lift weights cannot bench their own bodyweight until they have trained for a while. If you weigh 95lbs and have never lifted before start with 60-80lbs for 8-12 repswhen that becomes easy, obviously add a bit more weight I weigh 145lbs and I can bench 190 (1 rep max) but I've trained for about 1 year

How much should you bench press for 16?

it matters how much you weigh and your build but i am 150lbs and bench 225 and i am almost 16

How much should I weigh at 4'3?

you should weigh 85 pounds

How much should you bench press if your 15 and weigh 13o pounds?

If your a guy then you should bench up to 145 & if your a girl you should bench up to 95 or more. However, that generalization really depends on your height and body type. If you are tall or overweight, then you will press less than someone who is shorter or stockier, respectively.

You are 10 and you weigh about 100 pounds How much should you weigh?

At ten years old you should weigh about sixty pounds. At ten, you should weigh 60-80 lbs.

How much should a 5.4 high weigh?

You Should Weigh in 110-140 pounds

How much should you bench if you weigh 130 pounds?

165 or more would be very impressive, but anything below 100 would be brutal. An average number would be about 130.

How much should you be able to bench press?

you should be at least able to bench your own weight but if you can't then you are pretty weak my bench press is 100 pounds max at a body weight of 96 pounds but keep your self at a pace you can do you dont want to hurt youself. -- Everyones bench press max is different. I weigh 130pounds, my 5 sets of 5 is with 130 pounds and my max is 170pounds. 30-40pounds above your 5 by 5 max is a pretty good guesstimate of your one rep max if you are around my weight. i weigh 139 and can do 190

How much should you bench-press if you weigh 112 pounds?

I'm 13 yrs old and I'm 111 and when i bench press i usually bench 80-110. Jorgie145- A good reference to use is if you can bench you own weight about 10 times. You are considered more "elite" when you can bench twice your body weight or more.