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See the ball hit the ball

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Q: Who said See the ball hit the ball?
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How do you hit a curveball?

In order to hit a curve ball you must wait and watch the ball first. Then get in your bat stance. Once you see the ball come in side, swing.

Why do you see dirt on your balls?

You see dirt on the ball because it hit the dirt on the ground.

When can a player hit the ball twice in a row in volleyball?

never and when the ref doesn't see you hit it twice.

What is an easily caught hit?

A fly ball in a MLB baseball game i doubt you will see a player drop and fly ball.

Is it a ball or a hit by a pitch when a batter is hit by a ball that bounches?

It's a ball.

In snooker is it a free ball if you can pot the ball you're on but you cannot hit both sides of it?

yes it becomes a free ball if you cannot see both the sides..

How do you get a foul ball in softball?

When you hit the ball out of bounds. There are white lines and if you hit the ball out of it it is a foul ball.

Is it illegal to hit the 8 ball in if you hit another ball in first?

Yes, if you hit the cue ball into the target ball and the target ball knocks the 8 ball into a pocket you lose.

How can you hit the ball high in tether ball?

You can hit the ball high in tether ball by aiming the ball to the ground.Another way is to push the ball.

What is a brief description of how to play dodge ball?

Hit people with a ball and don't get hit by a ball. If you get hit your out. If you catch a ball you aren't out and the person who threw it is.

What is the highest ball hit in baseball?

1,238 feet or miles the ball hit a train and the ball never hit the ground

How is a spike ball hit in volleyball?

A spike ball hit is when your hand is open and you hit the ball (hard) to the other side.

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