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A fly ball in a MLB Baseball game i doubt you will see a player drop and fly ball.

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Q: What is an easily caught hit?
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What is the passive voice of the captain caught the ball easily?

the ball was easily caught by the captain OR (not passive but sounds better) the ball was an easy c atch for the captain

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Is a caught ball a hit even if the runner gets on base?

If a batted ball is caught in the air, the batter is out and would not be on base. It would not be a "hit."

Who caught Derek Jeter's 3000th career hit?

The fan who caught Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit was Christian Lopez.

Can you get caught if you hit a parked car and then left?

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How many foul balls count as a strike out?

The first 2 foul balls that are hit and not caught are considered strikes. After that, there is no limit to the amount of foul balls that can be hit, as long as they're not caught.

What is a fly-out in Baseball?

A fly out is technically any ball that is hit in the air and caught by a player in the field before it hits the ground or wall resulting in an out. There are different terms depending on where the ball is caught 'Fly out' is usually reserved for balls hit to the outfield and caught in fair territory by an outfielder 'Foul out' is a ball caught in foul territory for an out 'Popup' or 'Pop out' is used to describe a ball hit in the air and caught by an infielder 'Line out' is a ball that is hit hard without going very high into the air and is caught be any defender

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In baseball what does can of corn mean?

The term "Can of Corn" is a phraise used to describe a softly hit baseball, as it could easily be caught. The term originated as a customer would ask a grocery clerk for a can of corn the store clerk would grab a can from the top of a stack of cans, and would softly toss the can down to be caught without harm.

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How many runs are scored from a free hit if the players complete 2 runs but the ball is then caught?

only 2 runs because in free hit a batsman facing the ball can't be caught out but he can run out in free hit ball. So if players have completed 2 runs before the ball was caught then only 2 runs they will get.

Does a caught fly ball count as a hit in softball?


How much do a hit man get paid?

If they get caught, they get life.

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It was a good throw and I caught it easily.

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If a foul hit is caught then the batter is out?

Yes. If a foul ball is caught by a defensive player before it hits the ground the batter is out.

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Broken wires are easily caught on fire especiallly if current is still in the wire and also gasoline can be caught on fire.

What is a can of corn in baseball?

A "can of corn" is a high fly ball to an outfielder that is caught easily and routinely.

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