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Yes, if you hit the cue ball into the target ball and the target ball knocks the 8 ball into a pocket you lose.

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Q: Is it illegal to hit the 8 ball in if you hit another ball in first?
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Can you hit an 8 ball out of the way when you still have balls on the table?

Yes. You can hit your ball and hit the 8 ball to another location. If you hit the 8 ball first, it's a foul and your opponent would get ball-in-hand anywhere on the table, however, sometimes taking a deliberate foul is the best strategy.

In basketball why can't ypu hit a person and it be called a foul what happen when the other person hits you and you don't have the ball and they do?

You can foul someone whether you or them have the ball. If you make "illegal contact" with another player its a foul.

Can you hit the 8 ball first?

No. In 8 Ball, a player is not allowed to hit an opponent's ball with the cue ball first, however the player may hit his ball first, THEN into an opponent's ball, to sink the 8 ball, so long as the player calls that combination.

When tennis was first created what was the ball hit with?

In the 12th century, tennis was first hit by the ball with the hand.

When is a runner hit with a hit ball not considered out?

If the ball touch a person in defence first.

Is an unintentional double hit in tennis illegal?

If you mean by hitting the ball twice, then yes.

What are four illegal hits in a game of volleyball?

Illegal hits in volleyball: -Catching or holding the ball -Hitting the ball underhand with open palms -Throwing the ball -Changing the direction of the ball There is also a thing called a double hit, which is generally called on for setters, when the ball hits their hands at a slightly different time while setting the ball. However, double hits are legal on a team's first hit, but not on subsequent hits. Also, contacting the ball with any part below the waist is now considered legal.

Why do ping pong players hit the ball with there heads?

It's illegal to hit it with your head. It probably just looks like they hit it with there head.

If you lose a golf ball Then take a penalty and hit another ball you then find the lost ball do you take the penalty or hit the lost ball?

Once you have taken the penalty and hit the new ball, you may not hit the old ball again. Play on with the penalty and the new ball.

In stroke play Ball enters a green side bunker Player informs you will hit another ball from here you will take one shot penalty Ruling please?

You would get a one stroke penalty if you hit another ball and do not call it provisonal, because you cannot hit another golf ball unless it is unplayable.

Is it illegal to return a ping pong ball if it doesnt hit your side of the table?

If the ball is over the table, then it is a volley, and you will lose the point. If the ball is not above the table and travelling away, you may catch it, hit it, kick it or do anything to it.

If you hit the 1 ball and then hit the 9 ball do you win in a game of nine ball?

If you pocket the 9 ball after making a legal hit on the 1 ball first, you you win the rack. Rule is if you make a legal hit on the lowest numbered ball on the table and make the 9 ball, it is a win.