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Firstly don't bring anything you are not prepared to get muddy or dirty. If you are playing in the woods, camouflage is a great idea weatherer it is BDU or hunters camo. If you don't have and don't want to rent camouflage it is suggested you wear earth toned colors so you don't stick out like a sore thumb. Any color is good for indoors.

Your amount of clothing should be what you would wear if it was one season colder. Long paints like jeans or sweatpants are good, and a long-sleeve shirt with a hooded jacket are good even in the summer, because they will absorb paintball impacts. For shoes, boots are the best option, unless you know there is no mud or its mostly open space, then sneakers are fine. Bring thick socks, even in the summer.

A hat is very valuable for absorbing impact, along with gloves and a neck covering. Also many men play with a hard cup and a chest protector is suggested for women.

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Why is paintballing not dangerous?

Cuz u wear masks and red jumpsuits

Why was paintballing invented?

Because its awesome! you should try it its so fun!

Can an epileptic go paintballing?

It should be fine for Photosensitive epilepsy. Otherwise you should consult a physician.

What clothes should you wear for paintballing?

well, i speedball, so i usually wear proto 09 pants and a dye c9 jersey with a t shirt under it, if iu dont have that i suggest a long sleeve shirt with a sweatshirt over it and shorts with sweatpants over them

How old do you have yo be to go paintballing on Athur Kill Road?

You should call them and find out, but 99% of fields require 10+

Will my paintballing smoke grenade still work if I left it outside overnight in the rain?

No, your paintballing smoke grenade will not work if left outside overnight in the rain.

What is the legal age to go paintballing in the UK?

12 is the minimal age with parental consent, but, if you're over 16 you can go paintballing without parental consent.

How much is it to go paintballing?

Roughest estimate: $50.

Francisco franco's hobbies?

paintballing, rowing, skipping

How old do you have to be to go paintballing?

the minimum age is 10

Why is paintballing get your adreniline pumping?

Because it were happen to awesome.

How do you say paintballing in french?

faire du paintball

Can a hemophiliac go paintballing?

No, they should not. Besides the dangers of physical activity in woodland environments, and through it does not happen often, paintball shots will cause bleeding.

Can you do paintballing in limerick?

There is combat zone close to Newcastle west

Are there paintballing tournaments in the UK?

There are but google for sited near your location.

What is the biggest co2 cartridge tank you can get for paintballing?

24 oz.

What is the difference between junior group and adult group in paintballing?

well the adult gun is more powerful than the junior and i know this because i have been paintballing when i was junior and twice when i am older

What is the best thing for a 12 year old boy to wear paintballing?

If they are tough a t shirt, but if it is their first time, probably a sweatshirt. jeans are what i always wear, but you could wear sweatpants also. the more baggy the clothes, the less it will hurt. ADVICE: wear something you dont mind ruining! most paint washes out, but some stains have fun

When is the best time of the year to go paintballing?

Its a personal opinion, but in the winter, you wear more clothes, and gas does not expand as rapidly, so paintballs hurt less. In the summer you wear less, and gas expands more rapidly, so it hurts more, but are generally faster games.

What are sparklets in paintballing?

small disposable CO2 cartridges for certain markers

How tall do you have to be to go paintballing?

maybe at least 6 or 8 to what ever

What is the age limit to do paintballing?

the legal age requirement for insurance is 10.

Is it ok for a 11 year old to go paintballing?

Yes if they are responsible.

What are the release dates for The Daily Orbit - 2012 Cosmic Paintballing 1-45?

The Daily Orbit - 2012 Cosmic Paintballing 1-45 was released on: USA: 29 October 2012

How often should you wear socks?

You should wear socks every time you wear shoes, unless you wear sandals, and you should change them daily.