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no you have protecting gear to wear

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โˆ™ 2009-07-01 12:42:33
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Q: Has anyone been knocked out in paintball?
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Has anyone ever been knocked out during a NHL hockey fight?

Yes very many times.

How old do you have to be to work at a paintball shop?

Paintball stores usually wont hire anyone under the age of 18.

Can a convicted felon own a paintball gun?

There are no background checks for paintball guns. Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase one.

Has Floyd mayweather ever been knocked out?

No. Nor has he ever been knocked down.

Does paintball make your teen active and happy?

Paintball alone is not going to change anyone. If you enjoy paintball, and want to play well you will have to be active, and if you keep playing, i would assume you are happy.

What channel can you see paintball on?

Fox Sports has recently been showing the National College Paintball League.

Has anyone ever died because of paintball?

Not with proper equipment, on a legal field.

Does anyone sell a paintball making machine?

No, they are not for sale anywhere to normal consumers.

Is there a age requirement for paintball in CA?

Ten. Most insurance companies require this age as minimum for Paintball establishments, along with a parental wavier for anyone under 18.

Are paintball guns legal in clark county Nevada?

yes I've been to an paintball field in clark county

What are the innovations of the paintball gun?

The paintball gun does not use any parts that have not been make in other industries before.

When was Margam Castle knocked down?

Margam Castle has never been knocked down or invaded.

The first priority at every accident site?

The first thing to do is check if any passengers have been injured including yourself. If there is anyone else invloved try to get help if they have a serious wound or have been knocked out. Call an ambulance or police if anyone is injured. IMPORTANT! Do not move a seriously injured person as you might make it worse.

Is it possible to be killed by getting shot in the throat by a paintball gun?

No. a properly chronographed paintball (300fps) at close range only produces 9 foot pounds of energy, and since the neck is mainly soft tissue and the force is applies only momentarily and the shock would be dampened. Even if the Paintball pushed and completely closed the windpipe, it could only do so momentarily, causing "the wind to be knocked out of you". It does hurt severely however and neck protectors are available at most Paintball shops

I am a young female I have been experiencing sore stomach cramps I was bleeding after intercourse my period was a week and a half late and I have a funny smell from my vagina Anyone plz?

haha your knocked up.

How old do you have to be to go paintballing at eastie boyz paintball?

Ten. Most insurance companies require this age as minimum for Paintball establishments, along with a parental wavier for anyone under 18.

Who Has glen Johnson been knocked out by?

He was stopped by technical knockout by Bernard Hopkins, but never actually knocked out.

Has the Great Wall of China been knocked down?

Some bits of the great wall of China have been knocked down but there are vast lengths which are still in good condition.

How long has paintball been around?

23 years

Which paintball gun is better?

You need to provide two or more guns for anyone to tell you which one is better.

Is it illegal to fart like a gunshot in a bank?

It depends on whether or not you knocked out anyone. If so, you are safe.

What does it mean when you dream of playing a game of paintball with someone?

Paintball is a rather violent sport that (ideally) causes no serious harm to anyone. The dream means that you need to find an appropriate and effective outlet for your anger and aggression.

Can anyone think of a symptomatic meaning for the movie knocked up?

A symptomatic meaning for the movie "Knocked Up" is reflected in the way the film portrays the problems an unwanted pregrancy brings to those involved.

Can anyone think of a implicit and explicit meaning for the movie knocked up?

The implicit meaning of "Knocked Up" is that unprotected sex can lead to unwanted pregnancies, while the explicit meaning is that people can change.

If you have been convicted of a felony can you own a paintball gun?