What is fly ball?

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In the game of Baseball, a fly ball is one which has been hit so that it remains in the air.

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Q: What is fly ball?
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What is a short fly ball?

pop fly

What is it when a pitched ball bounces and the batter swings and hits it in fair territory and it is caught on a fly by a defensive player . Does it count as a fly ball or a ball that already bounced?

The bounce took place before the ball was hit so the ball is a fly ball.

What happens if a fly ball is caught in the air?

if you catch a fly ball in baseball, the person who hit it, is out.

What do you call a fly ball catch?

A "Fly out" or "Pop Out" -- generally if it is caught in the outfield it is called a "Fly Out", a ball in the infield is called a "Pop Out"

If a batted ball hits 1st or 3rd base on a fly then rebounds to foul territory on a fly is it a foul ball?

No it is a fair ball

In softball what is a fly ball?

A fly ball is when the ball is hit high up in the air. A fly ball is almost always caught, so a line drive is the best thing to hit in softball.....Or its a sport where you use flies to push a ball into a goal.

Will governor fly ball sense turbine speed changes?

Yes, governor fly ball can sense the Turbine speed changes. The mechanical governor is based on this fly ball mechanism.

What is a fly ball?

In the game of baseball, a fly ball is one which has been hit so that it remains in the air.

What are the release dates for The Fly Ball - 1918?

The Fly Ball - 1918 was released on: USA: September 1918

What are the fouls in a softball game?

fly ball, dead ball

Why does a match ball fly better than a strike ball soccer ball?


What is the advantage of hitting a ground ball instead of a fly ball?

A fly ball that is caught is an out. For a ground ball, the fielder must field the ball and then make a throw to a base or tag a runner who is off his base to try and get the out.

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