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The bounce took place before the ball was hit so the ball is a fly ball.

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Q: What is it when a pitched ball bounces and the batter swings and hits it in fair territory and it is caught on a fly by a defensive player . Does it count as a fly ball or a ball that already bounced?
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What happens if a baseball bounces off the outfeilder into the stands?

If in fair territory it is a Home Run. This happened to Jose Canseco in a Yankees game. The ball hit him in the head and bounced into the stands for a HR.

What does a prism do in a periscope?

it bounces the light from the mirrors so that the light is bounced into the persons eye

What is the meant by a bounced email?

If the email cannot go through, it "bounces" back with a notice to a sender. Bounced mail can be because of a wrong address or a server overload.

Which ball bounces the longest basketball or soccer ball or volleyball?

basketball because its meant to be bounced

Is bounced an adjective?

Yes, it can be (bounced balls, bounced checks). The word bounced is the past tense and past participle of the verb (to bounce) and can be used as an adjective. *For checks, the term bounced comes from the fact that it 'bounces' or returns to the writer without being cashed, because there is not enough money in the account.

What happens when light or sound is bounced off an object?

Light reflects and sound just bounces off.

Does a batter get a home run if a ball bounces on the field and then over the fence?

There are similar questions here already that have been answered. No, if the ball bounces in fair territory and then goes over the fence, it is a ground rule double.

Is a bounced check a theft?

No. A bounced check is not a theft but a felony. If a person issues a check that bounces, he/she can be legally prosecuted by the person who did not get paid because of the check bounce. The bank too would charge a fine for issuing a check that bounced.

What is a foul ball in softball?

A foul ball is a ball that is hit outside of the foul lines on the field. A ball that bounces in fair territory then goes into foul territory before it passes a base is considered a foul ball. A ball that bounces in fair territory and then bounces into foul territory after it passes a base if considered a fair ball.

How do you cash a check someone wrote me but what if the check bounces?

The bank will hold you responsible for the bounced check. But you can sue the person who wrote you the check that bounced for the check amount and for the resulting penalties and your court costs.

What is the baseball hit into the stads a fair or foul ball?

It can be either. If the ball is hit into the air and is in foul territory at any time, it counts as a foul ball if it goes into the stands. If the ball is in the air and is in fair territory when it goes into the stands, it's a home run. If the ball is in fair territory and hits the ground, then bounces into the stands in fair territory, it's a ground rule double. If the ball bounces in fair territory but then bounces into the stands in foul territory past the infield, it's also a ground rule double. If the ball bounces in fair territory, but then bounces into the stands before it passes 1st or 3rd base, it's a foul ball.

In dodge ball are you out when the ball bounces off the wall and hits you?

yes if the ball hits you and it bounced off the wall or the ceiling, YOU ARE OUT.

What do I do if someone bounces a check to me?

You can go to your local police department (BEFORE contacting the person who bounced the cheque) and have that person charged with fraud.

Is it okay if a ps3 bounces around?

no electronics break when bounced around If yours is bouncing around while it is being played something is broken and will get worse

If a ball bounces in foul territory and then hits the foul pole above the fence?

Foul ball

How does temperature affect how high a ball will bounce?

Temperature plays a role in how high a ball bounces. The colder it is, the less the ball compresses when bounces which produces less height when bounced. The warmer it is, the more the ball will compress which will in turn cause it to bounce higher.

If our eyes adjust to light why don't they adjust when we look at the sun?

light from the sun bounces back from objects but eyes only allow light which has bounced back from an object.

Is it fair or foul if a ball bounces over first or third into foul ground?

If a ball bounces over the base it is considered a fair ball, regardless if the ball then lands in foul territory.

Is 061000146 paying off bills?

No.... its a scam and it does not work, take it from someone in the finance business. All you will do is embarrass yourself when the payt bounces and get upset with the NSF/bounced cheq fee's.

How is the bounce of a ball affected by the surface on which it bounces?

For starters, it depends on the hardness and smoothness of the surface it bounces off BUT more of the time, the bounce is affected by the type of bailiff you made a ball completely from wool for example and bounced Ito will find there is little or no bounce but if you bounced a rubber ball on the same surface, it will go much hoaxer's of the ball also counts due to air resistance on the upwards return of the ball after bouncing.

Can a batter hit a ball that bounces off home plate 1st?

Yes. Home plate is in fair territory.

Is batters box fair territory?

NO, if the ball bounces in the batter's box the hit is automatically called a foul ball.

Is a batter out if he hits a pitch that bounces in fair territory and then hits him?

yes if is out of the batters box, otherwise it is a foul ball

Is the batter out if the ball bounces off another player and it is caught before hitting the ground?

Depends. If the ball bounces of a defensive player, and is caught, the batter is out. If it hits a runner, the ball is dead and the runner is out but the hitter is awarded first base.

Is it considered a home run if the ball hits the top of the fence and goes over?

I've seen home runs where they've bounced off the noggin of the guy chasing after it. If it's in fair territory, if it goes over the wall it's a homer, unless it bounces off the ground and then goes over. Then it's a ground-rule double.