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A "Fly out" or "Pop Out" -- generally if it is caught in the outfield it is called a "Fly Out", a ball in the infield is called a "Pop Out"

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Q: What do you call a fly ball catch?
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What happens if a fly ball is caught in the air?

if you catch a fly ball in baseball, the person who hit it, is out.

Why did the fly want to play outfeild?

He wanted to catch a fly ball.

If you catch a fly ball but the runner is on base is he out?

yes he is out yes he is out

If you catch a baseball how long do you have to hold it to make it a fly ball?

Long enough for the fielder to demonstrate to the official(s) that he has control of the ball. If he drops it 'during the course of fielding' it's deemed not a catch. If it is deemed, by the ump, to be dropped in the transfer from glove to throwing motion you won't have held it very long, but it is a judgement call and may go against you. The same for catching a fly ball, its upto the ump. Just don't drop it!_________________________________________________________________________________ A fly ball is a term for when the batter hits the ball and it goes high in the air, and usually makes for an easy out because they are easy for outfielders to catch

What part of speech is the word Catch?

"Catch" can be either a noun or a verb. Example as a noun: "That suitcase has a broken catch." Example as a verb, "If an outfielder catches a fly ball in baseball, the batter is out."

Can a runner on 3rd base score before a fly ball is caught when there are 2 outs?

No. A runner can only advance on a fly ball after it is caught. Since there are two outs and the catch of the fly ball would make the third out. A runner cannot score before a fly ball is caught at any time.

What does the batter do if they hit a fly ball?

Run! You don't know if they are going to catch it or not.

If a player is trying to catch a fly ball but drops it and catches it between his legs before it touches the ground is it a catch?


Why do they call a pop fly in baseball a can of corn?

The term refers to grocery store workers, who in the old days would knock a can of corn from a high shelf with a stick or pole and then catch it in their aprons. It's meant to explain that the ball is easy to catch.

Which player tried to catch a long fly ball had the ball hit him in the head and the ball went over the fence for a home run?

Jose Canseco

Why would a fielder try to catch a ball on an infield fly rule?

'cause it's an out

Why is a fly ball called can if corn?

because the grocery stores used to keep there can corn on the top shelf people had to use a stick to get it off the shelf and catch the can like a fly ball

What position has priority over all other players for a fly ball?

Whoever calls for the fly ball should get it, but the shortstop controls the infield and the center fielder controls the outfield. An outfielder can call an infielder off of a fly ball too because it is easier to come in on a fly ball than to go out.

When did the infield fly rule stop?

The infield fly rule still applies, and is in effect when the following situations are met: 1. Fewer than two outs 2. A fly ball is hit that an infielder can reasonably catch (umpires discretion) 3. There are runners on 1st and 2nd, or bases are loaded. 4. When the above conditions are met, the umpire will verbally call "infield fly rule" as soon as it is determined the ball is an infield fly. The batter is automatically out, and the runners do not have to advance, even is the ball is dropped. Note: This rule was established to prevent fielders from purposely dropping a fly ball to attempt a double play.

How do super hero's fly?

you have to catch all of the other super villians then you'll get a call answer it and you'll be able to fly.

What sports are played in Honduras besides soccer?

Nut ball , catch the platypus, eat the fly

Did Bo Jackson ever catch a fly ball in major league baseball with his bare hand?


There is a man on third and the batter hits a fly ball to right field. The right fielder makes an error and the runner on third comes home. Does the hitter get an RBI. Is it a sacrifice fly?

That call is left up to the official scorer. If there were less than two out and the fly ball, in the scorer's opinion, would have been long enough for the runner from third to score after the catch, then the official scorer could rule the play an error and award the batter a sacrifice fly and an RBI.

What is the ruling when a fielder attempts to catch a fly ball it tips off his glove hits the fence and he catches it before it hits the ground?

This is not a catch. The ball is now in play just like it went off the fence first, then into the glove. You can not make a catch off an object.

What is the quickest way to catch latios?

In Pokemon ruby you can catch latios but not latias, in Pokemon sapphire you can catch latias not latios, in emerald you can choose. Use your master balls on them so they wont fly away. You can use other types of balls, eg timer ball, ultra ball, or great ball on the other legendaries.

Runner on 3rd. Batter hits fly ball foul and it is caught.Can they tag the player on 3rd if she is off the base?

Yes. A foul fly ball is no different than a fair fly ball. The runner at third can tag up and try for home after the catch and the defense can try to throw the runner out at third if she is not paying attention.

Can an outfielder catch an infield fly?

Any fielder is allowed to catch any fly ball he can. If you are referring to the infield fly rule: under this rule, the hitter is called out and play continues as if the fly were caught even if no one catches it. It does not matter who catches it, but if the ball drops, the runner can tag up and run at his risk. The rule is only called when the ball seems certain to be catchable. The purpose of the rule is to prevent an infielder from intentionally dropping pop-up in order to get a double play.

Infield fly runnes have to be taged?

Yes, they do have to tag up, unless the fielder, for whatever reason, does not catch the ball.

Runner on base advance after a fly ball catch in foul territory?

yes, but runner must not advance to next base until ball is caught by defensive player.

Is the batter still out if the fly ball is dropped after the infield fly rule has been called?

Yes, the batter is out once the umpire makes the call for the infield fly rule.