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a double

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Q: What is a hit that lets the batter run to second base?
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A hit that gets the batter to second base safely?


What is a hit that lets the batter run to first base?

A single

If you hit a ball to second base with runners on first and second base and both runners advance to the next base and the hitter gets thrown out is this a sacrifice?

No. A sacrifice is when the batter turns around to bunt and lets everyone on the defense know what they are going to do. The batter is 'sacrificing' (allowing the defense to get him/her out) so the runners can advance one base.

Is it a base hit when you get thrown out at second base when a runner advances to home?

It is a base hit once the batter-baserunner passes first base. This will not change by being thrown out at second.

If a Batter is hit by pitch with runner on second base as runner steals third is this legal?

Nope, when the batter is hit it is a dead ball.

There is a runner on 1st base with 1 out Next batter hits a ground ball to the outfield and reaches first base and runner is out at second base Does the hitter ger credited for a single?

That would depend on how the runner was retired at second base. For example, if the runner slipped and fell on his way to second base and the outfielder had the time to throw him out on a force play, the batter would not get credited with a base hit. If the runner made it to second base safely and then slipped rounding the bag and the outfielder threw to second base and the runner was tagged out, the batter would be credited with a base hit. If a runner is forced out at any base, regardless of where the ball was hit, the batter is not credited with a base hit.

How would you score this if the batter hits a ball the drops in center field but the runner at first is thrown out at second?

If the runner at second is out by being forced out, the batter is not given a base hit .... the play is ruled the same as if the ball was hit to an infielder that threw to second to force the runner. If the runner at second is out by being tagged because they rounded the base too far, the batter is given a base hit.

What is a double in softball?

A double is when the batter reaches second base on a hit ball.

A hit that gets the batter to first base safely?

A hit

Does the word coward fit in this sentence the batter hit a and was able to run to second base?


If a batter hits a base hit but is thrown out at second is he awarded the base hit?

If he tries to stretch a single into a double and is thrown out as a result, then no, it is scored as an out at second base, not a base hit. The above is incorrect. The batter would be credited with a base hit -- specifically, a single -- and also as being thrown out at second. Check the box score from the Phillies night game of 2012 September 9 -- in the fifth inning Ryan Howard was thrown out at second exactly as described as above, but was credited with a hit.

What does it mean when the pitcher does something that lets a man take a base?

he could have made a balk ... walked the batter or hit him with the ball ...

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