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yes if it on the green

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Q: Is there a penalty for spitting in golf?
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Is spitting a penalty offense in football?


Penalty for removal of ankle band?

In golf? No penalty.

For spitting to an opponent in a football field should a player get any other penalty except being sent off?

Spitting any any other person is, as you say, an send off offense. If the spitting is directed at an opponent, a Direct Free Kick is awarded to the opposing team at the spot of the infraction. As a result, this would become a penalty kick if it happened in the opposing team's penalty area.

How do you put penalty into a sentences?

If you drop the ball when you're playing golf in the water you get a penalty

What is the penalty for receiving advice on the golf course?

2 shot penalty, but only if you ask for it.

What is the penalty for teeing off in the wrong area in golf stableford?


How do you do a penalty shootout in golf?

erm try see who gets closest to the hole lol

Do you incur a penalty if an animal moves your ball during a golf game?

No, there is no penalty. What you do is replace the ball as close as possible to where it was before it was moved. If the animal runs away with the ball and you cannot get it you simply use another ball, but you must declare this to your playing partners.

In golf how could you improve your lie and not your position?

What do you mean by position? In golf you are not allowed to improve your lie or build yourself a stance.

If your golf ball falls off the tee can you replace it without a penalty?

Yes, this is allowed under no penalty. Even if you knock the ball off the tee accidentally with your club there is no penalty, it can simply be replaced on the tee.

Can a Tumbleweed knock golf ball in hole?

Where do you play golf? The wild west. If a ball at rest is moved by the tumble weed, there is no penalty and the ball must be replaced. If the ball is moving and the tumble weed hits it, there is again no penalty but you must play the ball as it lies.

In the game of golf what is the penalty for hitting your own equipment with your ball?

Yes, one stroke penalty, and you must play the ball as it lies. If it was however stopped or deflected by an opponent or their equipment, the ball must be played as it lies and there is no penalty.