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Q: Is spitting a penalty offense in football?
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For spitting to an opponent in a football field should a player get any other penalty except being sent off?

Spitting any any other person is, as you say, an send off offense. If the spitting is directed at an opponent, a Direct Free Kick is awarded to the opposing team at the spot of the infraction. As a result, this would become a penalty kick if it happened in the opposing team's penalty area.

What happens when a football player call a time out he does not have?

The offending player is given an excessive time out penalty. The penalty carries 5 yards for either offense or defense.

Is there a penalty for spitting in golf?

yes if it on the green

In football if there is a personal foul on the defense and a dead ball unsportsman like penalty on the offense do they offset?


Is a throw in rewarded as a penalty offense in soccer?

A throw-in is not a penalty kick offense. It is a normal method of restarting play.

Can you run a football play with only 10 players on offense?

A team will draw a penalty if there aren't 11 players on the field at the time of the snap.

How many yards are penalized for a chop block in football?

In the NFL, the penalty is 15 yards. In college, the penalty is 10 yards.

May the offense decline the offside penalty in high school football?

They can decline the penalty, yes... but there would be no reason to decline it, because in high school this is a dead ball foul and the play is immediately blown dead.

Why turndown the penalty in football?

Most penalties result in replaying the down. Sometimes it is more beneficial to take the result of the play and not replay the down. Example, on 3rd and 10 there is a holding penalty on the offense during a 2 yard run. Accepting the penalty makes it 3rd and 20, declining makes it 4th and 8. On 4th down the offense should punt.

Defence has too many men on the field is it a free play for the offense in a football game?

Yes. nearly any defensive penalty BEFORE change of possession (INT, Fumble recovery) can result in a free play for the offense.

When the Defense Intercept A Pass made by an offensives player is called what?

In American football, when a defender catches a forward pass from the offense, it is called an interception.

What is a fall start penalty in football?

There isn't a penalty called a fall start, but there is one called a false start. A false start is when someone on the offense who is already set prematurely moves before the ball is snapped and the play has begun.