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2 shot penalty, but only if you ask for it.

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Q: What is the penalty for receiving advice on the golf course?
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How do you design a Frisbee golf course?

you need to hire a Frisbee golf course architect. I advice Nicklaus Yamich, hes the best in the business.

Can you get releif from an integral part of a golf course?

By definition you are not allowed to receive relief from an integral part of a golf course. You can take relief in the form of a penalty drop. Make sure you are aware of which is which when you are playing a round of golf to prevent mistakes.

Is there a penalty for giving advice during a round of golf?

Yes, there is a two shot penalty for giving or asking for advice during a round of golf. This includes things such as what shot to hit, or what club to hit, and telling your playing partner the read on the green. The only exceptions are telling where the pin is, or telling how the wind is blowing. You can also give advice to your playing partner if you are in a team competition together.

Penalty for removal of ankle band?

In golf? No penalty.

What does OB mean in golf?

This stands for out of bounds. It is an area of the golf course or off the golf course which is not in play. If you hit your ball out of bounds, you cannot play your next shot from there, you must re-hit your shot from the place you originally played from. There is a one shot penalty for hitting out of bounds.

Where do the people play golf?

It is a golf links if the course is near the sea. Otherwise it is a golf course if further inland.

What is the homophone for a rough golf course?

The homophone for a rough golf course is "course."

Is there a penalty for spitting in golf?

yes if it on the green

How do you put penalty into a sentences?

If you drop the ball when you're playing golf in the water you get a penalty

Which golf course is closest to USC?

The golf course closest to USC is Brookside Golf Course. It is located beside the Rose Bowl. It is a public golf course.

How to become a golf course manager.?

To become a golf course manager, you have to have an extensive training in golf course management. It is not an easy job, you have to know everything there is to know about golf course management. Check out for article on becoming a golf course manager.

Does murmansk russia have a golf course?

A Golf? Course! :)