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He needs to catch it, and if he drops it the runner doesn't need to tag up.

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Q: In baseball does the fielder have to actually catch the fly ball or just have contact with it before the runner tags up?
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What happens If a batter has two strikes and goes to the dugout before strike three.e out?

He can't. He can only be knocked out on strike three, tag-outs (which accurs when a fielder with the baseball tags the batter), or fly-outs (which a fielder catches the baseball before it touches the ground). However, if a fielder catches the baseball before it touches the ground, but it touched the ground before it was hit by the bat, then it's still fly-out.

Does a fielder have to step on the base before making a tag out on the runner?

No, the fielder does NOT have to touch the base before tagging a runner out. The fielder only touches the base on a forced play.

Why does Brett Favre say 319 before the snap?

because cicel fielder had 319 homeruns and that was his favorite baseball player

Is a runner out that gets hit with a batted ball?

Yes if it hits him before passing a fielder. If it passes a fielder, then no, he is safe.

What is the meaning of trap in baseball?

A "trap" happens when a fielder catches a line-drive or flyball on the first small bounce after hitting the ground. If the fielder caught the ball in the air, it would be an out. But because they caught it after the first hop, it is not an out. The term "trap" is used when the ball barely touches the ground, before the fielder grabs it.

Can a batter touch another player before touching homeplate?

Not sure exactly what you're asking here. Neither a batter nor a base runner may INTERFERE with a fielder attempting to field a ball. If there's contact without interference, nothing happens. If a fielder is blocking the path of a base runner from reaching a base, the runner is definitely permitted to touch that fielder -- up to and including ramming his elbow into that fielder's neck.

Center fielder drops ball when he runs into wall is it and error?

Probably not...but, it really depends on the Official Scorers decision. Was the fielder bobbling the ball when he ran into the wall? Did crashing into the wall actually cause the fielder to drop the ball? Before a scorer can make such a call, he must witness the event...this is true on almost all scoring decisions.

In baseball if a ball is picked up by the fielder while it is on the foul line before it reaches 3rd base it is a fair ball?

Yes, the entire line is in fair territory.

Did the sport cricket copy baseball?

No, cricket came before baseball and the sports are actually quite different

If a fielder jumps over the wall and lands in the stands before catching a foul ball or a home run is the batter out?

No, if the fielder is out of the field of play (in the stands), then the batter is not out.

If a line drive goes into the pitchers jersey is it an out?

A batter-runner is ruled out if any fielder gains full, controlled possession of the live baseball in flight. If a hit baseball were to hit off the head of one fielder, and be caught by another fielder who gained controlled possession before the ball touched the ground or a wall, the batter would be out. So the assumed conclusion would be that yes, if the pitcher were able to reach into his uniform and gain full, controlled possession of the baseball before it touched the ground, the batter would be out. It would be like any other bobbled ball that was eventually controlled before touching the ground. However, there may be specific ground rules relating to a player's uniform.

Why do players take the baseball and shake it in front of the umpire after the last out of an inning?

They are not shaking the ball at them so much as they are making sure the umpire sees that they are going to toss them the ball. The umpires like to inspect them before putting them back into play. The fielder is telling the umpire that he (the fielder) is removing the ball from the game. Either because, in the fielder's opinion, the ball is dirty or he is going to give the ball to a fan.

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