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If you reach the base before the ball but overrun the base, you must then be tagged out. Once you reach the base it is no longer a force play and the fielder must tag you off the base to make an out.

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Q: If you are a forced runner in baseball and make it to base before the ball gets there and get off the base but get back on it do you need to be taged out or does the ball just have to be on the base?
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Runner on 1 and 2 baseball hit man on 2 does not advance man on 1st is taged out and the man on 2 is also taged How many outs?

it would depend on how the ball was caught.

Is the runner out if the runner and fielder incidentally collide?

if the fielder is a) in the baseline, and b) doesn't have the ball, then no. If the runner goes out of the baseline to strike the fielder, he is out for leaving the baseline. If the fielder has the ball, and as a result of the collision he tags the runner, then runner is out. If the fielder has the ball and is trying to tag the runner, but the collision knocks the ball loose, then the runner is out if the umpire felt the contact was intentional, but it is a loose/live ball if the contact was accidental or otherwise part of the game.

Does the run count if while runners on second and third the runner on third crosses the plate while the third baseman tags the man coming from second to third for the third out on a ground ball?

The run will count if the runner on third crosses the plate before the runner on second gets taged out. All force place end the inning without any runs scoring, however, all tag plays end the inning at the time of the third out.

What is the only base you can overrun without getting taged?

what is strike zone

How do we use the term 'taged' in a sentence?

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Who is a tager?

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Infield fly runnes have to be taged?

Yes, they do have to tag up, unless the fielder, for whatever reason, does not catch the ball.

If the baserunner reaches first base and keeps running is he out?

safe if he turns foul, out if he turns fair and gets taged

How do you untag someone on facebook?

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Ways that a baseball player can get out?

There four ways that a player can get out. 1. Strikeout 2. A player catches a ball that the batter hits 3. The base is taged that the player is running to. (This is only an out if there is someone running to the base they left.) 4. They are tagged by someone who is holding the ball.

If Bases loaded ball four the base runner on third misses the plate stops half way to the dugout comes back to touch the base but is taged out by the catcher what is the call?

During a base on balls, all runners are required to advance one base so each runner gets to walk to the next base without the threat of being tagged out. The only conceivable way where the batter gets called out is if the umpire rules that he went out of the base path, regardless, the fielder would not be able to tag him out.

If a batter hits a home run but doesnt tag the plate can he be taged out?

yes he can be tagged out if he doesn't tag home base. Wrong. This must be properly appealed and he will be call out by the ump.