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you are suppose to bench ypur own weight is the fact if u can ur healthy, less, out of shape, more, stong n healthy. im 12 and weigh at 90 pounds and height at 4' 10". so the person that says that he can bench 155 to 160 it depends on your weight n size. a lil skinny kid should bench your own weight if you bench more then your own weight you healthy and strong. i bench 160 but i benched 178 before but my brothers friend helped me i know that. but i am 90 pounds that is about 70 lbs over n your only suppose to bench your own weight so that's good.

I'm 12 years old, and a lot of people say you should NOT start lifting until you reach 13 years of age... i disagree, any way i can bench press 155 or 160. That is above average, but I'm also a little bigger than average. A skinny 12 year old should be able to bench press about 90-100, average 12 year old 110-130, and bigger 12 year old 140-165.

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Q: How much should a 12 year old be able to bench press?
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