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More men by a mile.

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Q: Do more men or women play soccer?
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Related questions

Is there a difference in men soccer and women soccer?

men play men's soccer and women play women's soccer.

Why is men and women's sport separated?

men and women sports are separated so that women do not play as rough as men play. e.g. rugby or soccer

Is there a men's and women's version of soccer?

No, men and women generally play on the same teams.

What is the difference between men and woman pro soccer salary?

men get more because women do not play alot of matches

Why are men better than women in soccer?

Not all men are better than women in soccer. But for most teams that is true. That is true because men are faster and more aggresive.

Are men soccer players better then women soccer players?

In general they are, and by some distance. The top womens football team would not compete with the top male one. The goalkeeping, in particular, is far below the standard of the male game, and women are naturally weaker than men. true- there is a difference in the style of play though. women tend to take their time and think through their decisions more than men. men play the ball 1 or 2 touch. No you dumbanus women play better soccer than men do and u can kiss my anus.

What size soccer ball do women use?

Women's soccer is in a different league to the men's soccer. Women use a soccer ball that is the same size as the men's soccer ball.

Is it more likely for the Mexican men soccer team to win the argentinan men soccer team?

It is more likely that Argentina will win, but there is all to play for.

Why don't professional men soccer players get paid more than professional women soccer players?

they do

Do more men then women play volleyball?

No, there are definitely more women involved in volleyball than men.

Do men play video games more than women?

"Society has made the image that video games are for men, so women usually don't play them, so yes, men do tend to play video games more then women." Such an answer is overly simplistic. Women from the ages between 25 and 34 do tend to play more video games than men.

Who was the first latin women to play soccer in a mens team?

Football isn't a mixed sport. Women's and men's teams are separate.

Why is soccer more popular for men?

Soccer is more popular for men because men are more aggressive .Also because not lots of woman can play soccer. Because they don't know how to and because some countries do NOTallow woman to play soccer.They have to wash clothes cook, farm, and other things like that.

What was the first gender to play soccer?

men.... obviously. women weren't accepted in the sports world for centuries

About women soccer?

Women soccer isn't as well known as men's soccer however that doesn't stop Mia Hamm and other great women soccer players.

Is tennis played by men and woman?

yes. but women cant play men. women play women and men play men

Which event has more athletes the Olympics or the world cup of soccer?

The Olympics has about 13 times more athletes than the World Cup of Soccer. But they are not comparable - one is a men's and a women's multi-sports event, the latter is just an event of one sport, separate for men's and for women's.

Are the RULES different for men's versus women's competition in soccer?

There are no significant rule changes between Men's and Women's football. However, there are differences in the styles of play, usually because of the less physical nature of the women's game.

Is soccer in the Olympics?

Yes, soccer is in the olympics, for men and women. Yes, soccer is played in the Olympics

Does more men or women play badminton?

Both their equal

Is there any difference between men soccer ball and women soccer ball?


Do all nike soccer studs fit all nike soccer cleats?

men's studs fit the men's cleats and the women's studs fit the women's cleats

Do men play more field hockey than women?

No, they just seem to have more stamina and can play longer.

Do more women want to be men or more men want to be women?

men want to be women

What is NCAA Soccer?

Intercollegiate Soccer in the USA. Has three divisions. Also, there is Men's and Women's.