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Intercollegiate Soccer in the USA. Has three divisions. Also, there is Men's and Women's.

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Q: What is NCAA Soccer?
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When was NCAA Women's Soccer Championship created?

NCAA Women's Soccer Championship was created in 1982.

When was NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Championship created?

NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Championship was created in 1959.

What does NCAA stand for in soccer?

NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

What percentage of ncaa soccer players go pro?


What soccer team in the NCAA has the lowest average GPA?


Most NCAA women's soccer championships?

University of North Carolina

How many NCAA soccer championships has the University of North Carolina won?


Which team has won the most NCAA women's soccer championships?

North Carolina

Do the Oregon Ducks have a men's soccer team?

Yes, but a club team, not NCAA

When is NCAA soccer signing day 2011?

today 02/02/2011

How many division 1 men's soccer teams?

I think it is 202 as that is how many teams are on the 2008 NCAA Men's Soccer RPI list.

Does Boise state university have a mens soccer team?

Boise State does not have a NCAA Men's Soccer Team. The school does, however, have a Men's Club Soccer team. This team has a website

How did soccer get affected by the NCAA?

When soccer became a part of the National College Athletic Association's calendar, soccer received a big boost in both player participation and sponsors within the United States.

How many colleges in Texas play NCAA division 1 mens soccer?


What are the dimensions of an NCAA soccer field?

120 yds long by 80yds wide i believe

What is the average salary of a ncaa division III soccer coach?

$60,000 a year average

What is the worst soccer team in NCAA Division 2?

the college of saint rose

In what state is the Wake Forest soccer team based?

The Wake Forest soccer team is based out of Wake Forest University. The university is located in North Carolina. The team defeated Ohio State for the NCAA soccer championship in 2007.

In what year did the NCAA make soccer an official college sport?

During the War of 1812 During the War of 1812

College soccer teams in Alaska?

There are no NCAA recognized college soccer teams in Alaska. Student athletes who still want to play the game can look into the intramural program at University of Alaska Anchorage.

What division 1 colleges have womens soccer?

Boston College is recognized by the National College Athletic Association for their Division 1 Woman's soccer. Other states with colleges the NCAA recognizes are California, Indiana, and Colorado.

Who won the 2008 NCAA Division 1 women soccer tournament?

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill women's soccer team defeated Notre Dame 2-1 on December 8, 2008.

What are the top NCAA soccer programs?

There are many NCAA soccer programs that have been successful, but lately, the ACC has been rather dominant. Wake Forrest and North Carolina have been winning of late, but Maryland also needs to be mentioned as they just won the 2008 national championship. Other programs that should be mentioned though, is Indiana, St. Johns and Northwestern.

What are the NCAA rules and regulations?

i was kicked off my college soccer team for calling my coach a "bitch" behind her back in my trainers room while i was getting my ankle iced. it that allowed in a D lll school even though it is NCAA approved? is there any rule my coach broke that i could be protected by the NCAA in any way?

Is sfu better than ubc for soccer?

The Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) soccer league is much better than NCAA 1. Sfu is playing in the NCAA 2 and their teams are not even as good as the teams in CIS.Ubc has been undefeated for the past year and half. Also With a 3-0 win over the Whitecaps you can see that Ubc is the number one team.