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they do

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Q: Why don't professional men soccer players get paid more than professional women soccer players?
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How do you buy players on soccer manager?

you dont lololololololo

Is a women's basketball or a soccer ball larger?

definently women's soccer ball. Most women dont like basketball

Who are some famouse soccer players?

Two amzing soccer players of all time are Wayne Rooney and cristiono rinaldo. Dont forget david beckham

Who is the strongest Soccer Players?

Akinfenwa, i dont know why that guy doesnt play rugby.

Why is the salary of professional lacrosse players so low?

they dont care for the oldest sport in america and its such a highly skilled sport that the players dont deserve high salaries

How often do soccer players go to gym?

You dont have to go to the gym if you're a soccer player. Just go for a run, or go to practice.

Is it illegal to wear glasses while playing soccer not in the professional leagues?

i dont think so

Why dont you have soccer in middle schools?

Many middle schools do not have soccer teams because the United States Soccer Federation and their corrosponding youth soccer leauges have travel amatuer soccer teams for players U8 through U14. Thus the school and league would be participating for players to play in their league and schools have chosen to allow leauges to have full participation.

Is soccer for sissy's?

only the greatest of men play "soccer" if you think "soccer" players are sissy's then size one of em up then ask him and see if he dont kick your teeth straight down your throat.

Who are considered the star players in the Slovakia soccer team?

Dont know what you mean when you say soccer but in football it is Marek hamsik and Martin skrtel are the two biggest stars

Does women play professional football?

no they dont play professional but they do play in teams fro goals in school or for fitness

What protection do soccer players wear?

Despite its rough nature, Football players generally dont wear a lot of protection. Apart from their jerseys and cleats, they wear shin guards.

Soccer speech for kids?

When I step on the field ready to coach young soccer players,there are no bills to pay,I dont have a deadline to meet.It is me having fun,we dont do that enough as we get older.So its not a burden to be a coach it is my pleasure to be a kid again if only for an hour. Thank you

What do soccer players do when they dont play soccer?

While some soccer players play all year round. Playing indoor in the winter. Others condition by running short and long distances, watching what they eat, and weight train in a gym. A good way to to get long distance running in during to colder months is to run on an elpitical.

Why do soccer players need speed?

so they can outrun their opponents and score. or so they can defend and opponent so they dont score on them LOL

Who are the highest ten paid soccer players in the world?

Robinho is 1. He gets paid £160,000 a week. Dont no the other 9

What is it like to be a professional soccer player?

Being a professional soccer player is hard but very rewarding work. It takes time and effort to join and hold a spot on a team. If you dont give your all, the coaches will know, thus meaning you may lose the spoit you have worked so hard to get.

How many players are on the field for a Special Olympics soccer game?

dont trust this website it doesnt give you the right answers i got an F on my project because of this website so dont trust it

Who is the best at modern warfare 2?

You cant really tell. with all the hackers the real, professional players dont get any recognission

Why do soccer players die while playing soccer?

only a few football players have died while playing football most noticeably Antionio Puerta, although he did not die during the actual game - later in hospital. the cause is usually a answer your question they dont die from tackles or anything, haha

Why were professional basketball players allowed to play in Olympics?

coz you dont wanna pay a £200 ticket to go to watch some amateurs do you?

Why do women's lacrosse players not wear a helmet?

womens lacrosse players dont wear a helmet cause they dont have to. In womens lacrosse, you cant do any body checks and you can only check the stick if its away from their head... so theres no need.

When was professional football created?

If you mean American Football (NFL) it was founded in 1920, Canadian Football (CFL) it was founded in 1958 but you mean soccer i dont know

Why do soccer players hv gr8 abs gr8 chest n thighs but very skinny arms?

Because they dont use ther hands and arms at all

Is itlaly a good soccer team?

They don't have much talent in the offense. Most of their best players play in the defense. There is alot of old players in its team, even though they are good and well experienced, but they dont have the oppotunity to play against fast and young talented players. The best time of their careers are already over for the most part of the players.