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The Olympics has about 13 times more athletes than the World Cup of Soccer. But they are not comparable - one is a men's and a women's multi-sports event, the latter is just an event of one sport, separate for men's and for women's.

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Q: Which event has more athletes the Olympics or the world cup of soccer?
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Why is the Olympics such an important event in sports?

It is a chance to compete against the best athletes from around the world,

Is gymnaestrada bigger then the Olympics?

The Olympics is know as the biggest sporting event in the world and is held every four years in a different country. The gymnaestrada is also held every four years in a different country around the world. There are around 12,000 athletes in the Olympics but there are over 20,000 gymnasts in the gymnaestrada making it the biggest sporting event in the world for participants.

Why are the Olympics an important sporting event?

because the Olympics is like a world cup in football so if someone wins it is like a world cup.and because if someone wins a gold medal they will know that they are good athletes and so will other people.

Is soccer a national sport?

Yes, soccer is a national sport. In fact, it is the most widely popular sport in the world, and almost every country has a league of some sort and participates in the World Cup, the biggest sporting event in the world (The Olympics may be too).

How popular is rugby all over the world?

Supposedly, third? most watched after soccer (of course), and the Olympics. But I'm not positive. Rugby is the 2nd most popular sport in the world statistically in support and participation followed by cricket and then tennis. The Rugby World Cup is the 3rd largest sporting event in the world behind the Olympics and Soccer World Cup.

How many athletes participate in the Olympic games from all over the world?

10,625 athletes participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. 2,508 athletes participated in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

Where do athletes come from for the Olympics?

they come from all over the world

What is the biggest event in soccer?

soccer world cup......i guess

How many records were broken at the London 2012 Olympics?

30 world records were broken during the Olympic games. Olympic records were also broken as were many athletes individual record for the event

Why do they have the Olympics?

We have the Olympics so that athletes from all the world can come to compete in the sport they love (and hopefully win a medal:)

Why isn't there football in the Olympics?

American football is not an Olympic event because not enough countries play it competitively. A game similar to American football is played only in Canada. What the rest of the world calls football (Soccer in US) is played at the Olympics.

What are the requirements to participate in the Olympics?

There are many requirements to participate in the Olympics. They vary by from nation to nation and from sport to sport.(1) Taekwondo athletes should be medal winners at an International or World event(2) Taekwondo athletes who wish to represent the United States must be citizens of the United States and hold a valid U.S. passport that will not expire for six months following the conclusion of the Olympics Games.

What is a world cup event?

It is a event of football or soccer , to find out which country is the best in the world.

Have any famous people gotten chronic fatigue syndrome?

Michelle Akers, a Professional Soccer Play had it and completed in the Olympics and World Cup on multiple occasions Michelle Akers, a Professional Soccer Play had it and completed in the Olympics and World Cup on multiple occasions Michelle Akers, a Professional Soccer Play had it and completed in the Olympics and World Cup on multiple occasions Michelle Akers, a Professional Soccer Play had it and completed in the Olympics and World Cup on multiple occasions Michelle Akers, a Professional Soccer Play had it and completed in the Olympics and World Cup on multiple occasions

What are the olyimpics?

The Olympic Games are the leading international sporting event featuring summer and winter sports competitions with thousands of athletes from across the world. The Olympics Games originated long ago in ancient Greece.

Are there any famous athletes in soccer?

There are so many world famous athletes in soccer. Players like MESSI, CRISTIANO RONALDO, ROONEY, GARETH BALE, DAVID BECKHAM are hugely famous.

What did Hitler hope to achieve by the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

Hitler wanted to prove that his supreme race of athletes were the best athletes in the world.

Why are soccer players not the highest paid athletes in the world?

While the very top few of the highest-paid athletes are not footballers, many of them are.

How many athletes can one country enter in the Olympics?

Each event has a cap on the number of athletes a country can send..It seems that all countries have an equal chance to send the same number of athletes depending on how the athletes preform in other competitions, especially in the World Championships. For example, an Explanation of Figure Skating Allotment and Qualifications and Alpine Skiing Can be found at the related link below.

What is the biggest sports event in the world?

It would have to be worldwide. I would say the Olympics because people from every country compete in the Olympics. But if you said Super Bowl to a Chinese person that could understand English they would not know what it would be. It also could be the FIFA World Cup, because soccer is worldwide.

Purpose of the Olympics?

The purpose of the Olympics is to unite the world in a friendly arena. Rather then a war, athletes fight for the pride of their country in sports.

What world event happend in 2002?


When did the Olympics become a world event?


Why is the Olympics important to the world?

The Olympics are important to the world because, they are an event that brings peace to five entire continents.

Who are the judges in the Beijing Olympics?

The judges are as diverse, and skilled, as the athletes in the Olympics. They are internationally accredited and trained judges/officials in their specific sport that come from all over the world to have a mixture of the best officials, just as there is a mixture of the best athletes from all over the world.