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if a batted ball bounces in the infield and crosses over any part of 1st or 3rd base it is to be ruled a fair ball. If the ball has not bounced on the infield, the call is made depending on where it first touches the ground. if in fair territory or on the line it is a fair ball, outside the line is a foul ball. Any ball that physically hits 1st or 3rd base is a fair ball

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Q: Ball goes out before completely going over the base is it fair?
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If a batted ball rolls over a corner of a base then goes foul before going completely over is it fair or foul?

Fair. If the ball hits the bag [base] first then goes foul it is fair

What did Michael Jordan do for education before going to the NBA?

playing base ball.

Is the runner out if he leaves the base before batter hits the ball?

Absolutely not -- a runner can (and invariable does) leave the base even before the pitcher throws the ball to the batter! That's called leading off. A batter can attempt to run to the next base without the batter hitting it -- ie, stealing a base. PERHAPS what you're asking about is what happens if the runner leaves the base before the ball is hit AND the batter hits the ball AND the ball is caught by a fielder before it hits the ground AND the ball is then thrown to the base where the runner was AND the ball is held there before the runner returns to that base. If ALL of those things happen, then the runner is out.

How do you get outs in softball?

If someone gets to the base with the ball before you, or you get tagged by the ball.

If you are a forced runner in baseball and make it to base before the ball gets there and get off the base but get back on it do you need to be taged out or does the ball just have to be on the base?

If you reach the base before the ball but overrun the base, you must then be tagged out. Once you reach the base it is no longer a force play and the fielder must tag you off the base to make an out.

If you catch a fly ball but the runer is on base is he out?

If you are saying the batter makes it to the base before the ball is actually caught, it doesn't matter, the batter is still out. Any runner who was on base when the ball was hit must be on the base they started at and then when the ball is caught, may advance at their own risk. If they do not 'tag up' on their original base they may be put out by throwing to that base and the fielder with the ball touching it before they return.

Is the batter out or safe if a base runner gets hit by a ball?

the runner is out not the hitter but if he doesn't reach base before the ball is thrown to the base he would be out too.

How many ball you get before walking to first base?


Is a ball considered fair or foul if it pops up lands foul and then rolls into fair territory?

If the ball lands foul past first or third base the ball is foul regardless of where it rolls. If the ball lands foul before first/third base and rolls fair before first/third base, the ball is fair. If the ball lands foul before first/third base and rolls foul past first/third base, the ball is foul. If the ball is touched while it is in foul territory before reaching first or third base it is considered foul and vise versa if it is touched in fair territory. Otherwise whether it is fair or foul is determined by where the ball stops. ** if the ball hits any part of 1st or 3rd base it is a fair ball

When the ball hits the ground outside the baseline before it clears 1st base is it fair or foul?

The ball has to hit the ground in fair territory past the base before crossing the foul line for it to be fair. Even if the ball bounces in fair territory, if it crosses the foul line before it passes the base it's a foul ball.

If batted ball hits a base before it hits the ground is it an out?

No, it is simply a ground ball and is in play.

What happens if a batter hits a ball that hits first base before the batter gets there?

Should a batted ball hit any base, the ball is considered fair and live and the play continues. It is still up to the defense to field the ball and touch first base before the batter does to record an out.

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