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Q: Why does a basketball need to be filled with air?
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Why is a basketball bouncy?

Because, you see, the basketball is filled with AIR. Which makes it bounce.

Is a basketball a solid or gas?

both because basketball is hard and it air.

What is a Real life example of air taking up space?

Basketball Submarine floating on water a car tire filled with air your lungs filled with air

How much air is in a kickball?

There is usually between 10 and 13 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure in a soccer ball.

Need a sentence with the word basketball?

The basketball needed air. We played a game of basketball.

Why does a basketball have to be filled with air?

Because it will not be able to bounce which is important and i can be kids heavy is not all the way pumped

Can a basketball sink under water?

Basketballs are filled with air, and won't sink w/o some serious help.

What kind of personality do you need to play basketball?

Basketball is filled with every kind of personality, but the strongest players generally are hard working, feisty, confident, and calm.

Will a basketball sink or float in water?

A basketball will float in water because its average density is less than that of water. The air-filled spaces within a basketball make it buoyant enough to stay afloat on the surface of the water.

Do you need to be a certified diver to have a dive air tank filled?


What does the air in a basketball do?

The air in a basketball lets the basketball bounce.

Does a smaller basketball need less air pressure than a larger one?

no, pressure is the same , but it will need less volume of air