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Q: Do you need to be a certified diver to have a dive air tank filled?
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Do you need a divers license to dive a moped in Nevada?

If you have a diver's license, you probably don't live in Nevada.

Do you have to be a certain weight or body type to be a scuba diver?

No, you don't need a certain body type to scuba dive. Because you use flippers to SCUBA dive, you can be a very lousy swimmer and learn to SCUBA dive. You may look stupid with a very tight wet suit during scuba diving, but you can dive. When I got certified, I learned that you have a very slightly higher chance of the Bends during scuba diving, but this is a small percentage. The pros of scuba diving outweigh the cons.

Do you need experience to scuba dive?

I am a scuba diver. To start SCUBA, you must pass training. Many training centers are available in many areas.

What other people might you need to scuba dive safely?

If certified, just your dive buddy (also certified by an actual accredited training agency). If not, then you will need to go with an instructor, until you are certified - the course only takes a few days. Check the related links to find a PADI dive shop near you - though there are other training agencies, PADI has the most shops by far and tends to have the best standardization and quality assurance between shops. Other dive organisations include BSAC, SSI, NAUI. You may find one is more dominant in your country, such as BSAC in the UK.

Boyfriend wants a dive watch, now what?

Finding a watch for a diver is very important, you need to find good quality. I am not sure where you live, but their are many Fred Meyer's all over the country and Fred Meyer's Jeweler section sells many Dive watches.

Do you need to update certification for SCUBA dive?

Yes. There is no law that prevents uncertified divers diving. However, most shops require some kind of training for liability reasons.However, many organisations (including PADI), offer "discover scuba diving" courses (sometimes referred to as "resort courses" because they are often done on holiday), which take just a half a day, and allow you to dive under the supervision of an instructor to limited depths.

What element do scuba divers need to prevent the bends?

Scuba divers need to decompress after a deep dive so that the oxygen levels in their blood return to normal before returning to the surface. Otherwise they will get the bends. A scuba diver will typically use his or her dive table or computer to figure out how many minutes they must decompress before resurfacing from the dive. Decompression takes place when a diver figures out the amount of time they need to wait at a certain depth under water before they can resurface. They also need to take into account how much air they have left so they can safely wait underneath the water for said period of time. A scuba diver will usually hold onto a drop line and simply breath and wait the allocated amount of time at the prescribed depth and only then safely return to the surface.

Does one need any special training to scuba dive?

yes you do, if you dive like 10 to 30 feet you don't need any training just the basics but u need to know with a professional to teach you the basics but if you go scuba dive like 50 to 70 ft you need to read a whoole book and do a test and homework Yes indeed. If you want to take a fun dive without certification, you can do so, but you must be accompanied by a certified dive master. I'm not sure if this is a legal thing, but most dive shops won't let you get an air fill unless you're certified. Personally, I am certified to 60', but there is no authority at the bottom of lakes making sure you're staying within the limits. I've been down to 72' with no issues. The maximum recreational depth is 130', though. Its not illegal to go down further, it's just stupid if you aren't trained.

Can someone scuba dive to the HMHS Britannic wreck?

People have dived to the wreck, but as it sits in 400ft of water it's not for the recreational diver. You also need special permission from the Greek government as it is a war grave.

Where can you dive 30 feet deep?

Most often, 30 foot dives will take place in open water. There are some dive training centers with dive pools that may be deep enough. If you are planning to free dive (hold your breath at surface, dive, and return), you can go out into open water and try some free diving, shallow at first. Do not do this without a swim/dive buddy. If you want to dive SCUBA, you'll need to get certified first to avoid killing yourself. When ascending after breathing air under pressure, you'll need to do it properly. Free dive or SCUBA dive, I would never recommend diving without a swim/dive buddy with you.

What legal requirements do you need to scuba dive?

There are no legal requirements to scuba dive. In other words, anyone can scuba dive without breaking a law (assuming you are not doing an illegal underwater activity such as illegal fishing). However, if you are not certified, you will not be able to rent or buy equipment or get someone to fill your scuba cylinder.

How can one be a professional diver?

There are two basic routes - become an dive-leader and thereafter instructor, or join a commercial firm, working wind-farms, oil rigs etc. Both need qualification and experience.