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Because, you see, the Basketball is filled with AIR. Which makes it bounce.

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Q: Why is a basketball bouncy?
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What is so great about basketball?

bouncy bouncy bouncy XD

Which ball bounces higher a bouncy ball or a basketball?

small bouncy balls will bounce higher

Do less bouncy basktballs shoot better than the bouncy baskballs?

Yes because when you go to shoot the "bouncy" basketball it is easier for it to bounce back off. You don't want to have a very bouncy basketball, but you don't want to have one that is to deflated. When you have one with the perfect amount of air, you should get the perfect shot!

What adjectives describe basketball ball?

round. bouncy.

Is dribbling a basketball a force?

no dribbling bouncy balls is though

What are some adjectives that describe basketball and begin with the letter B?


What are some adjectives for a basketball ball?

orange, hard, bouncy, large

What is the basketball made out of?

some kind of rubber but not like a bouncy ball kind of rubber

What bounces higher golf ball or soccer ball?

a normail bouncy ball, maybe a basketball

What ball will bounce the highest?

* Probably a regular rubber bouncy ball or a fully pumped basketball.

What size of a basketball should you use for a half court basketball game or practice?

A size 28.5 would do just fine. but make sure that its as full as it will go or as bouncy as you want it.

Can you describe a bouncy ball?

It's a rubbery ball that bounces up when thrown, with force, down on a hard, supportable surface. Much like a basketball.

By are balls bouncy?

Because rubber is bouncy!!!! and bouncy balls are made out of rubber.

Adjectives for a ball?

Bouncy, light, plastic,

Who invented the bouncy castle?

Ted Bouncy

Is todd's mom hot as or what?

how am i supposed to know? yes...todd's mom is very hot bouncy...bouncy...bouncy!

What rhymes with bouncy?

jouncy - meaning "bumpy or bouncy"

What is the data of an bouncy egg?

What is the data of a bouncy egg

How do you spell bouncy in french?

gonflablemeans bouncy in French.

How bouncy are lacrosse balls?

Usually very bouncy, more bouncy then a tennis ball or basically any other sports ball

Is a bouncy ball recyclable?

A bouncy ball is indeed recyclable. This is because bouncy balls are made out of complex rubbers and plastics which are recyclable.

What are the names of rare bouncy balls?

rare bouncy balls

When was Bouncy ball created?

Bouncy ball was created in 1965.

What is a catchy science fair title for bouncy balls?

Bouncy Ball Mania

What is the world record for bouncy ball collection?

As far as we know, there is no "official" record. However, here are some reports of the largest collections of Bouncy Balls from our community:One large collection is in Wisconsin. It has 5,453 bouncy balls in it.Another user has reported a bouncy ball collection that contains 10,256 bouncy balls.